Nottingham Trent University School of Social Sciences


The School of Social Sciences promotes excellence in higher education, research and consultancy. We offer a diverse range of courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional level.

Students can select courses that have been designed in partnership with professional bodies and outside organisations within the public and private sector.

Here at the School of Social Sciences, we aim to make a difference to society and the lives of those within it.

Our Mission is:

To be a School of Social Science whose staff, students and graduates enrich and influence the lives of individuals, communities and societies

Our vision is:

  • To foster a culture that values the diversity of all our communities, and publicizes and celebrates excellence in all we do.
  • To create a vibrant and inclusive learning and teaching environment grounded in scholarship, research and professional practice.
  • To be recognised nationally and internationally for our theoretically informed and applied research.
  • To develop local, national and international partnerships that shape knowledge, policy and practice.
  • To maximise the employability of our students through our curriculum and engagement with our external partners.

Academic departments

Politics and International Relations

The Department of Politics and International Relations has received excellent ratings and has an active and vibrant research culture, ensuring high-quality research-informed modules and courses.


Psychology has been recognised for its teaching excellence, while also having a strong national and growing international research profile.

Our undergraduate courses, postgraduate psychology conversion programmes and our MSc Forensic Psychology are all accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Social Work and Health

The Department of Social Work and Health brings together a team of staff from a range of academic and professional backgrounds in the areas of social work, public health and social care.

The team strives for excellence in both teaching and research while maintaining close working relationships with organisations.


The Department of Sociology offers courses in the areas of sociology, criminology, youth and career guidance.

These subject areas are all concerned with thinking critically about the social world in which we live and supporting and protecting people and the environment across and within complex and diverse contexts.


In the School of Social Sciences, we are committed to the ethical governance of research. All research projects that involve staff must have clearance from the College Research Ethics Committee (CREC) before any data can be collected and/or analysed. In addition, all research students are required to submit an application to CREC to secure ethical clearance for research involved in their studies.

For taught courses, ethical clearance is required for those elements of the programmes that involve the planning and execution of research by students. The management of ethics may come in the form of explicit protocols that students are required to follow while engaged in data collection or may require a full submission by the student to the School's Research Ethics Committee. The latter case is usual for final year research projects. Where students are engaged in learning about research methods they are also supported in learning how to handle the ethical issues that may arise. This focus on research ethics reflects our commitment to the promotion of social responsibility within the social sciences.


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