York College of Pennsylvania is a community of learners and learning, whose members share the common bond of active participation in academic and campus life. At York, we believe the collegiate experience at its best is a comprehensive process of holistic personal development, which prepares graduates for productive roles in society while facilitating their growth as individuals and life-long learners. The hallmark of the York experience is excellence in professional preparation.

York is a venerable educational institution, tracing its heritage back to the early years of the American republic. Throughout its long history, York’s commitment has been to provide high quality, affordable educational programs that prepare leaders for meaningful professional roles in business, government, healthcare, industry, science, social service, and the arts.

York College has achieved recognition in the Middle Atlantic region and at the national level for excellence in its academic programs and for its commitment to affordability. As a relatively large college (more than 4,600 full-time students), York represents a “golden mean” in higher education, combining the broad academic resources and extra-curricular opportunities of a fine university with the community spirit and personal attention of a small college.

Our Mission

York College seeks to provide affordable academic excellence to our students by:

  • Offering more than 50 baccalaureate majors in professional programs, the sciences and humanities; master's programs in business, education, and nursing, and a doctorate in nursing practice;
  • Creating a learning environment focused on individual attention and hands-on learning;
  • Providing educational programs with a superior degree of efficiency, in order to maintain the lowest feasible costs for students;
  • Utilizing diverse campus programming to facilitate intellectual, professional and social growth.

Our Vision

York College is dedicated to preparing students to be professionals in whatever career they pursue by:

  • Executing a national poll that defines the characteristics of professionalism;
  • Developing co-curricular programs that exemplify professional characteristics.

Creating Professionals

To build upon a tradition of affordable academic excellence and strengthen our promise of professional preparation for our students, York College created the Center for Professional Excellence (CPE), which conducts a national poll that defines the characteristics of professionalism and assists in developing professional development programs for students.

The results of the annual poll guide future seminar topics, guaranteeing that our students are ahead of the curve when it comes to making themselves marketable as graduates. Through its poll on professionalism, we ensure our students know exactly what human resource and business executives are looking for in today’s professional.

Programs taught in:
  • English

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York College of Pennsylvania (YCP)

The Master of Education program is a professional preparation program designed to build the leadership capacity of regional public and private schools. ... [+]

Master of Education Program

The Master of Education program is a professional preparation program designed to build the leadership capacity of regional public and private schools. A result of years of discussion and planning, the M.Ed. program was developed in collaboration with school district personnel and regional advisory groups. After a thorough analysis of local needs, two areas of specialization were identified: Reading Specialist and Educational Leadership.

Geared Towards Working Professionals

Courses are:

Offered in the evening hours, Monday through Thursday, during the regular academic year. Offered in morning, afternoon and evening hours, during the summer break. Taught by full-time faculty and adjunct professors. Enrollment has been managed to allow for constructive individual attention. ... [-]
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