The Richard DeVos Graduate School of Management, Northwood University


Values and Philosophy

First and foremost, DeVos values its students and their development. Our graduates emerge as leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs fully understanding the importance of a market economy driven by individual freedom, choice, and responsibility.

DeVos transforms students into highly effective executives and managers with the skills to:

  • Find and fix problems.
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Create a vision and influence others to follow.
  • Raise the performance of subordinates, peers, and superiors.

A significant portion of management and leadership development should enhance emotional competencies. Most MBA programs focus almost exclusively on the development of intellectual skills. While important, these cognitive competencies or IQ (knowledge, analysis, reasoning, and logic) are of secondary importance to emotional competencies or EQ (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management).

Research has suggested that EQ is a more significant driver of workplace success than IQ. EQ, while instinctive in nature, can be learned.

Intellectual development is more than adding new theories, tools, and techniques. Learning to approach a business project with new ways of thinking, unique to each individual’s personal strengths, learning to develop others in this process, and learning the tools necessary to act on business solutions are fundamental to the DeVos difference.

Lastly, in a student-centered environment, students develop the ability to see the varying perspectives of different disciplines, industries, cultures, geographies, and especially of different people. DeVos students graduate with the professional skills practiced by international business leaders.



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