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South University provides a warm, supportive learning environment that will encourage you to engage with a community of faculty, staff, and students eager to play a role in helping you achieve your educational goals, on-campus and online. We take pride in the South experience of small classes that offer a hands-on experience that will be important to help shape your skills and excellence in your chosen field, but also help shape your character through community involvement, volunteerism, and pursuit of life-long learning.


South University is an academic institution dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the intellectual, social, and professional development of a diverse student population.

To achieve this purpose, the institution offers focused and balanced programs at the associate’s, baccalaureate, master, and doctoral levels. A broad-based core curriculum is offered, promoting critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, and skills for life-long learning. Additionally, the University focuses on developing the requisites to appreciate knowledge as well as a pursuit of lifelong learning.

South University’s approach to higher education and the resulting flexible academic experiences provide students with the intellectual insight and sensible approach necessary to create the foundation for personal and professional fulfillment. South University has a goal to provide a comprehensive education that instills within its students a philosophy that values not only learning and professionalism but also contribution and commitment to the advancement of the community.

Believing that qualified individuals should have the privilege of formal academic training, South University welcomes those who seek educational challenges. To this end, the University provides a learning environment, both on-campus and online, that helps students identify goals and the means to achieve them. With this philosophy in mind, students learn by interacting with a community of faculty, staff, and administration dedicated to South University’s academic purpose.

A Part of Your Community

We are committed to building a vibrant, diverse community that works in support of your goals. Our students, staff, faculty, alumni – and the employment community – constitute a rich network that extends well beyond your time at school. As a South University student, you will become a part of this extended family that will help you identify goals while in school and then the means to achieve them. South has evolved from a one-location campus to a multi-campus university system, which currently has 11 locations.

  • Savannah, GA Established in 1899
  • West Palm Beach, FL Established in 1986
  • Montgomery, AL Established in 1996
  • Columbia, SC Established in 2002
  • Tampa, FL Established in 2006
  • Orlando, FL Learning Site
  • Virginia Beach, VA Established in 2009
  • Richmond, VA Established in 2009
  • Austin, TX Established in 2011
  • Online Programs Offered through Savannah, Established in 2004
  • High Point, NC Established in 2012


University Career Services Center

The University Career Services Department partners with students to explore their career potential, and works with them to build their professional brand throughout their educational journey. Our goal is to encourage the career potential of students by facilitating opportunities to explore their interests and gain valuable professional experience while utilizing resources that can be accessed virtually or in-person at all South University campuses. The Career Services Department welcomes all South University students to participate and attend any campus events.

Career Services Center

From day one of classes, students will have access to the exclusive South EDGE platform, which has a plethora of videos and activities, and there are no fees or costs associated with this service.

Alumni Connections

Across South University’s 120-year story—past, present, and future—many students, staff, instructors and alumni have contributed to the spirit of community and lifelong learning that has become essential to our identity. South University is committed to providing intellectual, social, and professional development opportunities to not only our students but also to our inspiring community of more than 43,000 alumni around the world.

Our Alumni Connections site aims to re-engage and welcome back our alumni by recreating that supportive environment you experienced as a student. Here, you can celebrate your success by applying for an Alumni Achievement Award or nominate a former classmate who has excelled in their field. You can share with us where you are in your career today and utilize our career resources at no cost to help you pursue where you want to be in your future. What’s more, you can discover ways to make a difference in the lives of our current students as a preceptor, mentor, or even employer.

Employer Connections

South University Career Services provides employers with an opportunity to find the next qualified candidate from our South University graduates through the South EDGE job portal. Post your jobs and internship opportunities here.

Transcript Requests

Click here for instructions on how current and former students may request an official South University transcript.



Mall Boulevard,709
31406 Savannah, Georgia, USA


North Himes Avenue,4401
33614 Tampa, Florida, USA

West Palm Beach

University Centre 9801 Belvedere Road
33411 West Palm Beach, Florida, USA


5355 Vaughn Road
36116 Montgomery, Alabama, USA


9 Science Court
29203 Columbia, South Carolina, USA


5900 Lake Ellenor Drive, Suite 150
32809 Orlando, Florida, USA

Virginia Beach

301 Bendix Rd Suite 100
23452 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


2151 Old Brick Road
23060 Richmond, Virginia, USA


1220 W. Louis Henna Blvd.
78681 Austin, Texas, USA


Savannah, Georgia, USA

High Point

3975 Premier Drive
27265 High Point, North Carolina, USA

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