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For 160 years, Saint Joseph’s University has advanced the professional and personal ambitions of men and women by providing a rigorous Jesuit education – one that demands high achievement, expands knowledge, deepens understanding, stresses effective reasoning and communication, develops moral and spiritual character, and imparts enduring pride. A Saint Joseph’s education encompasses all aspects of personal growth and development, reflecting the Ignatian credo of Cura personalis. Guided by a faculty committed to both teaching and scholarship, students develop intellectually through an intense liberal arts curriculum and advanced study in a chosen discipline. Students mature socially by participating in Saint Joseph’s campus life, noted for its rich variety of activities and infectious enthusiasm. Students grow ethically and spiritually by living their own values in the larger society beyond campus. Located on the edge of metropolitan Philadelphia, Saint Joseph’s University provides ready access to the vast career opportunities and cultural resources of America’s fifth-largest city, while affording students a cohesive and intimate campus experience. For personalized assistance in exploring your Graduate Business degree options, please contact Christine Anderson at 610-660-1690 or

A Demanding Education For Demanding Times

Steeped in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, Saint Joseph’s University provides a rigorous, intense education that both disciplines and expands the mind. At the core of this education is a General Education Program (G.E.P.), which exposes students to primary fields of inquiry and the cultural values that shape our world. A Jesuit emphasis on engaged teaching and mentoring permeate the university.

Alumni Who Lead And Achieve

Alumni of Saint Joseph’s rise to the highest levels of leadership, and use this influence to transform their organizations into exemplary models of success and integrity. Bound by a lasting pride in their alma mater, the Saint Joseph’s alumni network of nearly 50,000 is strong and eager to help students find meaningful employment after graduation.

A Campus That's Not For Spectators

Saint Joseph’s students engage enthusiastically in all facets of campus life – academic, social, athletic, ethical and spiritual. Their active participation creates a vibrant, dynamic campus community and produces a mutually supportive, humane and tolerant environment for individual success and service to others.



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