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Step inside Miami Ad School and you’ll actually feel the excitement in the air. This is not your typical school and it doesn’t look like a school. It’s more like a digital wonderland with giant flat panel TV’s covering just about every inch of every wall. Students hang out on multi-colored stadium bleachers. Unlike at most schools, their student work is not produced on paper and then hung on the wall. The school is in fact, paper-less; everything is produced digitally and presented digitally, and shown on TV screens.

One group of students is talking to another group of students, but they’re actually two thousand miles apart. They're using the school’s virtual video presence system called “face2face” which connects Miami to all the other schools in the network. In another part of the school, a group of copywriters in Miami is teamed with a group of art directors in San Francisco and the teacher is talking to them from an ad agency in New York. This is the future; this is how all ad agencies and design companies will work someday and the most innovative are already working this way. CP+B uses this system between their offices in Miami and in Boulder, but they also use it between their first floor and their second floor. (Humans are really lazy, aren’t they?)

Forget Advertising, think Pop Culture.

Forget your old concept of a school. Imagine instead a place where creative people fly in from someplace in the world every Monday or Friday, twist your brain with tips, tricks, and techniques and rip up your ideas or praise them to heaven, only to have another creative do exactly the opposite on the same idea during the week.

Every day is a challenge and every assignment is a nightmare - or it isn’t. Maybe you’ll have a brilliant flash of insight from something your partner said or maybe Homer Simpson said it. Or Obama. Or the guy who whacks everyone on Grand Theft Auto. You think you’re studying art direction or copywriting or graphic design or photography, but you’re really studying Pop Culture and finding ways to engineer pop culture in some way no one else has thought of before. In the past creative guys, all wore black. These days you might consider a cape with a blazing emblem of a tornado on the back. Or at least a pair of wings on your flip-flops.


Miami Beach

Miami Ad School
955 Alton Road

33139 Miami Beach, Florida, USA

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