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FHSU is the leading forward-thinking, entrepreneurial university of the Midwest. We have an enrollment of more than 13,000 students and offer hundreds of certificate and degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's and master's levels through 28 academic departments. We attract goal-oriented students who want premier learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom combined with extraordinary one-to-one attention and support.

Our professors are outstanding teachers who motivate students to develop their unique talents. As a result, our students graduate with a deep appreciation of knowledge as well as professional skills and confidence that give them a competitive edge in their careers, now and for a lifetime.

Located halfway between Denver and Kansas City, FHSU is a welcoming community in the heart of historic Hays, a community that celebrates its frontier roots and its modern sensibility - coffee shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, shopping, and a vibrant arts scene.

Fort Hays State University has long had a policy of making information readily available and ensures compliance with federal HEA and HEOA legislation.

Academic Affairs

Whether you are a high school student in western Kansas looking to begin your college career, a member of the military seeking to complete your degree, or a professional seeking continuing education, Fort Hays State University offers hundreds of degree, certificate and course options at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Fort Hays State University seeks to provide all individuals with innovative, accessible and affordable educational opportunities. Our top priority is to equip students with the in-depth education, practical hands-on experience and international perspective necessary to be successful, engaged members of the 21st-century workforce.

  • Learning opportunities with exceptional depth
  • Outstanding faculty who deliver exceptional attention and support
  • Expectation of social, civic, and professional engagement
  • Developing partnerships that bring together cultures, perspectives, and thinking
  • Innovation that drives solutions

Future International Students

There are three ways you can apply to attend Fort Hays State University as an international student: as a Graduate Student, as an Undergraduate Student, as an English as a Second Language Student.

You can get Access to 22 graduate programs available for international students, including business, science, and IT degree programs. There are over 60 accredited programs to choose to major in as an undergraduate student. English training is available from beginning through advanced levels of English proficiency.


Fort Hays State University is a safe, beautiful and friendly campus with about 4,300 students taking classes on-campus, including approximately 270 from 24 different countries. Our faculty and staff are known for their exceptional personal attention and support provided to students, and assistance for international students is also in place, such as the English as Second Language program, and staff dedicated to providing help for foreign students in the International Student Services Office.

FHSU is located in Hays, Kansas, halfway between Denver and Kansas City with four times a day air service to and from Denver, Colorado. Students enjoy the benefits of small city life in the wide cultural context of a university with access to major metropolitan areas of the United States.



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