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As a university of innovation, California University Of Management And Technology is constantly looking for ways to provide the most effective education to help our students achieving their learning and career goals. California University Of Management And Technology joins other trend setters such is MBA of University of Illinois and Coursera, Udacity to create the next generation of higher-ed programs - a socially-connected, internet-enhanced, challenge-based degrees in business administration, computer science and information technology.

California University Of Management And Technology programs and courses have been designed to support both full-time and part-time students. The courses are systematic, competency-based, and utilize innovative instructional methods. Proficiency in public speaking and technical writing is an integral part of degree requirements. The curriculum emphasizes concern for issues pertaining to environmental protection and special attention is given to practical engineering research problems. An Advisory Board of Silicon Valley industry leaders actively shapes the nature and content of our programs.

California University Of Management And Technology is founded by professionals with strong backgrounds in education and in business. Our faculty is committed to offering a high-quality education that connects theory with practical experience and high-tech industry best practices and trends. Our founders have extensive educational and industry experience with most of the faculty holding a PhD from a prestigious university. Additionally, over half of the faculty are accomplished managers in Silicon Valley companies each with more than 10 years of industry experience.



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