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Established in 1992 with 6 faculties, 1 vocational school and 3 institutes, Kocaeli University is one of the leading science and education centers of our country. During the days that we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of our university, we have justified pride of our contribution to the development of our country and science.

We train generations that develop different ways of thinking, produce alternative perspectives, read, research and increase their intellectual capital every day. For this reason, we say that: "We train, investigate and produce for our Turkey.”

It is a huge educational institution serving with 19 faculties, 1 schools, 21 vocational schools and a state conservatory. With more than 81.000 students, our university has an important position in the research and development (R & D) activities of our country with its 15 Research and Application Centers and 28 Research and Application Units.

Rank first among the student activities with 91 Student Clubs and Groups, it carries out social responsibility activities and social and cultural activities through its clubs.

In a world that is rapidly globalizing and where international border lines are getting vague, universities that train scientists and produce science must also be universal. For this reason, we attach importance to internationalization studies as a university.

We are getting closer and closer to our goal of internationalization with the bilateral agreements and programs of our International Relations Unit within the university.

As we send our students to many countries abroad, we also host students from different geographies of the world. Many students are provided with the opportunity to study abroad through different programs.

• Erasmus Program: 280 agreements were signed with 168 universities from 24 countries in 66 departments. In this framework, 280 students went to contracted universities and many students came to our university. In addition, as of 2017, it is planned to send 328 students to 24 different countries for the purpose of education and training.

Farabi Program: It is an exchange program between students, faculty members and Higher Education Institutions. Farabi, which is similar to Erasmus, aims to exchange between higher education institutions within national borders. Within the scope of this program, 354 students have come to our university so far and 202 students have gone to other universities.

Mevlana Program: It is a program aiming at the exchange of students and teaching staff between higher education institutions in Turkey and higher education institutions abroad. Within the scope of this program, agreements have been signed with 5 universities so far and their studies are continuing.

Our university, which has been conducting the foreign student exam itself for the last two years, provides education to more than 1500 students from all over the world. In the coming years, the number of students coming to our university for education from abroad is planned to reach 5000.



Kabaoğlu, Baki Komsuoğlu bulvarı No:515, Umuttepe,
41001 Körfez, Kocaeli, Turkey

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