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The National Taiwan University International College (NTUIC) is a higher education platform featuring interdisciplinary studies and Taiwanese characteristics and strengths and is committed to nurturing internationally mobile professionals. For world-class talents, outstanding professional skills are a basic requirement; cross-disciplinary thinking and international mobility are the keys to exerting influence globally. NTUIC provides a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural learning environment for international talents, allowing students to step out of their comfort zone and learn how to think from different viewpoints through a process of cooperation and brainstorming. It is anticipated that, in the future, students are able to collaborate with worldwide talents with skills and knowledge obtained from Taiwan to identify and solve global challenges, issues, and unmet needs.

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Vision and Mission

The global issues lie ahead are with greater scale and complexity, therefore the NTUIC stands on the concept of 3 i (International, Interdisciplinary and Influential) to integrate the academic highlights of NTU and provide a high-quality international education for nurturing the competencies needed to solve global issues. Ultimately, NTUIC seeks to enhance the country’s international competitiveness in related industries and makes a direct contribution to both the country and the world.


In response to global demands and international trends, NTUIC provides English-taught programs and featured courses to attract outstanding talents from all over the world and cultivates them with global mobility and diverse cultural perspectives.


NTUIC breaks down barriers among academic disciplines, providing an international education that integrates different disciplines and colleges. This multiplies the great assets of the University’s existing eleven colleges and encourages students to explore their own merits through interdisciplinary learning to foster their academic development.


NTUIC is launching international degree programs taught exclusively in English that leverage the academic strengths of the University as well as Taiwan’s industrial advantages and cultural characteristics. These programs aim to raise NTU’s influence on global issues through interdisciplinary research and international dialogues and cooperation.

What We Do

The NTUIC brings together many of the leading international academic disciplines at NTU and integrates the University’s resources to launch interdisciplinary degree programs taught in English. These programs also align closely with the needs of the world and international dynamics. The first three main focus of the programs encompass Agriculture and Life Science, Sustainability and Disaster Prevention, and Smart Technology. The curriculum design will support students’ interdisciplinary professional and practical learning in an English teaching environment, as it strives to meet international standards and deepen academic vitality. Furthermore, the curriculum also emphasizes the practical use of academic knowledge to industrial applications and assists students to build connections with various industries. Local and overseas internship opportunities are provided for students to smoothly transfer to their ideal career paths. There are three tasks of NTUIC:

1. Set Up Interdisciplinary International Degree Programs Taught in English

The three main focus for the international degree programs of NTUIC are Agriculture and Life Science, Sustainability and Disaster Prevention, and Smart Technology. Each focus will design two interdisciplinary degree programs with Masters and Ph.D. courses as a starting point. The first established program, Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS) is in the Agriculture and Life Science field and will welcome its first batch of students in September 2020. In the future, more forward-looking interdisciplinary degree programs will be added.

2. Provide International Education with a Borderless Campus to Foster Educational Innovation.

International cooperation programs
NTUIC plans to collaborate with foreign universities on developing degree programs or professional courses to award degree diplomas, course credits, or certificates of completion from two institutions. By jointly operating the programs or courses, NTUIC seeks to encourage leading foreign universities to establish a campus at NTU to attract outstanding international students.

International featured courses
The featured courses offered by NTUIC include two types: online courses and short-term courses. The courses are from three main focus of NTUIC: Agriculture and Life Science, Sustainability and Disaster Prevention, and Smart Technology. Online teaching and intensive short-term courses overcome traditional barriers of time and space, further promoting and expanding NTU’s influence on the three fields and meeting students’ needs for developing a range of abilities.

3. Connect with Other English-taught Programs on Campus

NTUIC will establish horizontal linkages among academic departments and institutes on campus, integrating the courses and resources of interdisciplinary degree programs taught in English. Students may no longer be limited to the structure of individual programs and have access to more learning possibilities for further designing their major based on their own academic interests. This aims to encourage active learning across disciplines and thus increase the depth and breadth of learning.



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