University of Neuchatel, Faculty of Economics and Business


The University of Neuchatel, Faculty of Economics (Université de Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences économiques)

The University of Neuchatel is a Swiss University which offers courses at Bachelor, Master and doctoral levels, as well as "third cycle" and continuing education courses.

At the University of Neuchatel, the student is the focus. We pride ourselves on creating future leaders, thanks to our innovative teaching programs.

The University of Neuchatel is:

    • a congenial organization accommodating around 4000 students, supported by 860 staff of whom 120 are professors
    • high standards of teaching, due in particular to a student/teacher ratio unique within Europe
    • an international reputation, especially regarding biology, anthropology and health law, as well as the Economic Research Institute (IRENE) and the Center for the Understanding of Social Processes (MAPS)

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Neuchâtel accommodates some 600 students supervised by one hundred and fifty teachers, researchers and administrators. The attention that professors and assistants pay to the curriculum of each student, as well as the quality of the teaching, have been pointed out in several surveys conducted on its students.

The Faculty offers high-level education thanks to the competence of its professors and to the quality of the research conducted by its seven institutes. The research projects, both national and international, as well as the mandates for federal and local governments and firms, reinforce the visibility of the Faculty and also foster the various teaching programs.

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University of Neuchatel, Faculty of Economics and Business

Avenue du 1er-Mars 26
CH-2000 Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
+41 32 718 1500

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