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Linnaeus University is a modern, international university named after Carl Linnaeus – a world-renowned Swedish scientist who was born in the Småland region where the university is located.
  • Founded 2010 through a merger between Kalmar University and Växjö University
  • Located in Kalmar and Växjö
  • 33,000 enrolled students
  • 2,000 enrolled international students
  • 6th largest university in Sweden in terms of number of students
  • 780 partner universities in more than 80 countries
  • 100 degree programs on the first-cycle level, 8 of them taught in English
  • 80 degree programs on the second-cycle level, 35 of them taught in English

Kalmar and Växjö

Linnaeus University is located in two cities in the south-east part of Sweden - Kalmar, and Växjö. Both cities are located in the region Småland, a county where the sea and nature always are nearby.

Kalmar - The student city by the sea

The city of Kalmar is located on the coast, something that Linnaeus University recently took advantage of by building new university buildings right by the harbor and gathered the University at one place. As the harbor is in the city center of Kalmar, students can go about their daily business downtown and fill the city with the buzz of activities.

Kalmar has roughly 65,000 inhabitants and a long history dating back to the Middle Ages - something that will not go unnoticed when having the old Kalmar Castle just a few hundred meters away from campus. The city has been voted as "Sweden's Summer town", perhaps thanks to the many days of sun, the beaches spotted out around town and the events and concerts.

Växjö - A living campus

Everything on campus in Växjö is within five minutes' walking distance - student accommodation, classrooms, the library, restaurants and pubs, lakes and leisure facilities. The campus is full of life and energy and is a natural meeting place for all students and interests. Växjö has about 90,000 inhabitants and has been declared as the Greenest City in Europe" because of the environmentally sound solutions implemented. The name Växjö is translated into "the city of lakes", which is something that doesn’t get unnoticed, having one of the many lakes just by campus. With the surrounding woods, it becomes the perfect place for walking and jogging.

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Student life

University life has much to offer, from meeting up with friends at the student pub to attending events and cultural activities. The student union and the student associations are doing their best to make you feel at home.

Quality leisure time is important when you are a student. If you find joy and fulfillment in your student life, you will gain extra energy for your studies. You will not find it difficult to find something to do. Students are great at organizing fun-filled competitions, parties, concerts, and trips.

If you also take the opportunity to get involved in the student union or in other extra-curricular activities, you can gain useful skills and experiences which may prove invaluable when applying for a job later in life.

The student union at Linnaeus University – Linnéstudenterna – works to ensure that you receive the best possible education, but also aims to offer enjoyable activities besides your studies. There are a number of student organizations and clubs at the university that offer a wide range of leisure activities for students.

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is a network of sections organizing events for international students going abroad to study. In Kalmar, the section is called ESN Kalmar and in Växjö it is called VIS (Växjö International Students). Both sections organize local events such as barbecues, sports activities and theme nights with typical Swedish traditions represented, as well as trips within and outside Sweden.

The buddy program

The buddy program matches international students with (mostly Swedish) students. The buddies help the international students with day-to-day questions, introducing them to Swedish culture and way of life as well as what it is like being a student at Linnaeus University.

Student associations

There are around 70 student associations at Linnaeus University in Kalmar (only in Swedish) and Växjö, where you as a student can participate in a range of activities.

Maybe you prefer sporty events, playing music in a student orchestra, movie sessions, singing or be engaged in writing about subjects that affect you as a student? Be active in student life is an opportunity to meet new friends, be able to develop yourself in one of your interests and work together in a team with people who love doing the same thing.

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P G Vejdes väg
351 95 Växjö, Kronoberg County, Sweden


39182 Kalmar, Kalmar County, Sweden

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