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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is known both for its excellence in research and for its quality in teaching. It is a center of reference in Europe. The UAB is only 25 minutes by public transport from the center of Barcelona, ​​a cosmopolitan city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The main campus is located in Bellaterra, in the heart of one of the main industrial and technological pillars of Mediterranean Europe.

At the UAB we live the full university experience. The campus is organized as an authentic knowledge city with almost 50,000 inhabitants: students, teachers, researchers and administration and services staff. It has all the necessary services for it: a university residence (more than 2000 places), a set of specialized libraries, a language school, sports facilities (with gym, swimming pool, football fields ...), a center Health, restaurants, shops and cafes.

The UAB offers high level study programs in most areas of knowledge: • 87 undergraduate degrees. The degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Primary Education and Tourism are offered with 100% teaching in English, and many other degrees include subjects in this language.

• 315 master's degrees, which aim at the acquisition by the student of an advanced training of a specialized and multidisciplinary nature, oriented both to professional specialization and to initiation to research.

• 68 PhD programs, whose objective is the advanced training of students in research techniques culminating in the doctoral thesis (1114 theses in 2015-2016). They consist in the elaboration and defense of a thesis and usually have a duration of three years. Its objective is to train teachers and researchers of the highest level. A total of 27 doctoral programs of the UAB have obtained the Mention towards Excellence. The mention of international doctorate involves a stay in different European countries by the doctorate and participation of professors of international universities.

The international dimension of the UAB is particularly evident in international students, especially in master's degrees with 2,949 international students (40%) and doctorates with 1,703 international students (33%), as well as 1,346 international students (5% ). The university has 45 masters with 100% teaching in English.

The UAB is a university that promotes innovation, employability and entrepreneurship. It promotes research and transfer in all areas of knowledge, and works closely with the business and industrial fabric of its surroundings, as well as the scientific centers in its area, such as the ALBA Synchrotron, located five minutes from the campus.

The UAB has 352 research groups, 57 departments and 45 institutes and centers. Many of the latter have been created in collaboration with major scientific institutions, while all carry out intense research activity (3,316 articles published in journals indexed according to 2015 data, Thomson Reuters WOK). In addition, the five hospitals affiliated to the university also participate in the research work of the UAB, three of them accredited with the seal of excellence of the Institute of Health Carlos III.

The university encourages the involvement and participation of its students in volunteer activities and service to the community, which is why it has been awarded from different institutions. In addition, it carries out campaigns among the community for social awareness. The UAB promotes exchanges in mobility programs and promotes the recruitment of international students (3,546 students of international mobility). Of particular note are the Erasmus Mundus, Comenius, Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus K2 projects. It has specific programs for the reception and assistance to international students. Under the Erasmus program, 1,008 bilateral agreements have been established with more than 500 European universities.

  • Course data 2015-2016 Fundació UAB The UAB Foundation promotes training, research and social action projects and provides commercial and patrimonial services within the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. It has a wide offer of teaching degrees and official degrees of CFGS, Degree, Master and Postgraduate.



Fundació UAB · Edifici Blanc, 1ª planta · Vila Universitària
Campus de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)

08193 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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