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About us

Path and Growth

Structuralia is a postgraduate training school specializing in engineering, infrastructure, energy and building. We are convinced of the importance of quality continuous training for the professional development of engineers and architects.

Since our foundation in 2001, we have trained more than 83,000 students, mostly engineers, and we have grown internationally, gaining recognition in the Spanish-speaking world. Currently Structuralia thousands of students per year located in up to 50 countries and has offices in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Guatemala.

More than 87% of the PROFESSIONALS of engineering and infrastructure believe in the influence of postgraduate training for their professional development.

Of these, 86% prefer MASTERS.

Boost your professional development

Training for Professionals

  • Technical and management training
  • Specialized training courses
  • Masters and highly specialized expert programs
  • Own and official university degrees
  • Professors / authors of the highest prestige in their sector
  • Updated contents to business requirements
  • Scholarship and training aid programs

Strengthen the talent of your company

Business Training Solutions

  • Closed and exclusive classrooms
  • Development of customized multimedia courses
  • Custom training platform
  • Integral training solutions at an international level
  • Face-to-face training with experts

Why Structuralia ?

Develop your knowledge and skills

We are international leaders in the field of specialized training in engineering, architecture, energy and infrastructure, in any of the methodologies for learning.

Obtain a degree from the most prestigious universities

We collaborate with the most prestigious institutions and universities nationally and internationally for the formation of our superior programs.

Form yourself as the most important companies in the sector

At Structuralia we train the main companies in the sector with our exclusive courses. You can also enjoy the same formative experience.

Programs taught in: