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The University of Alicante, the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and Carlos III University of Madrid with Santillana Training created in 2001 the Graduate Institute (IUP) for the development of graduate programs on-line for professionals. Since its inception the IUP has become the leading business school in postgraduate training on-line in Spanish. We are leaders

On the level of teachers and professionals. For the satisfaction of our students. By personalized service and international networks in each Master. For the professional profile of our students from over 40 countries. For the quality of the Masters. For the methodology and technology investment

High flexibility The high quality of the masters of the IUP enables professionals to effectively upgrade their skills and advance their careers. In addition, its flexibility, characteristic of the on-line methodology, facilitating the combination of studies with professional and personal life. International character The Graduate Institute has an international vocation and their students come from over 47 countries, which significantly enhances learning and knowledge of different professional realities. It also has offices in 12 Latin American countries. Triple degree from the hand of the best professionals In the IUP students learn at the hands of the best professionals from the academic and business world, obtaining a university degree triple prestigious University of Alicante, the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and Carlos III University of Madrid. The contents of the masters of the IUP are constantly updated and are specially designed for their study through the Internet using a proprietary methodology, with numerous case studies and situations that students will face in their professional lives. Postgraduate training designed for organizations To meet the strategic and organizational business, IUP needs, through its Corporate Development division, designs and conducts projects for companies, framed within policy and professional development talent.



Instituto Universitario de Posgrado
C\ Torrelaguna 60

28043 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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