Inenka Business School


Inenka Business School is an online business school that was born as a result of the current demand for specialized personnel by companies. At Inenka we offer specialized training for all those who want to expand their knowledge and improve their professional profile, thus carving out a promising future within the current job market.

Our educational center, a benchmark in the field of digital education at the national level, is part of Grupo Inenka Formación. The educational society has 11 business schools and specialization institutes, each one focused on a specific field of education. The Inenka Business School offices are located in the heart of the business center of Mollerussa, Lleida, where we have a human team made up of several teachers and professionals specialized in the field of education and pedagogy.

With a very wide training offer, our Courses, Masters, and Postgraduates have current and innovative programs. The degrees offer the possibility of carrying out training stays in companies 100% guaranteed. This service is a vital opportunity for our students as it introduces them to the current job market and allows them to put into practice the knowledge acquired during training.



Calle Fray Luis de León,25
24005 León, Castile and León, Spain

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