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The Instituto Europeo de Posgrado Business School is a founding member of the Spanish Association of Business Schools (AEEN) and an associate member o f the International Commision on Distance Education (ICODE).

More than 1 million teaching hours are held each year through its online platform to students of different nationalities (international network). In 2013, more than 2000 people studied at the Instituto Europeo de Posgrado.

For this, the Instituto Europeo de Posgrado counts with directors, teachers, professors and graduates of the most prestigious universities and Business Schools from all over the world.

Scholarships and Payment facilities

If you are interested in studying a master or MBA, The Instituto Europeo de Posgrado can help you providing you 40% scholarships and payment facilities:

Personal Telephone-Interview

To qualify for a scholarship, the applicant is required to pass a personal telephone interview in which the Instituto Europeo de Posgrado will try to determinate if the applicant meets the requirements established.

These requirements are related to the personal, professional and financial situation of the candidates. For the adjudication, we follow a strict order of application.

Payment facilities

There are also special payment facilities, promoted by the Instituto Europeo de Posgrado.



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