EDEM - Escuela de Empresarios


EDEM Escuela de Empresarios is a private non-profit foundation. Our mission is to train business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs and to promote leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and the culture of endeavor. EDEM was conceived to meet a need: to provide the business sector of the Valencian region with a “Business School” promoted by and aimed at the companies themselves. Our aim is to be a vehicle to transmit knowledge and successful experiences. EDEM has more than 12 years proven experience in business training and quality training programs. Our University Center, affiliated to the Universitat de València and the Universitat Politècnica de València, was set up to meet the demands of today’s businesses and society. We believe that young people are the key to the future; only through appropriate training can we create a better and more “fully employed” society. Our aim is to impart knowledge, but also to instill the management skills and values that are essential to all successful business people, such as leadership, a strong work ethic, humility, perseverance, and honesty, while also raising the profile of the entrepreneur. In 2014 EDEM became a member of Babson Global, an international initiative of Babson College, American university leader in entrepreneurship, and is the first Spanish institution member of this consortium. Our Values EDEM’s identity, its teaching staff, and methodology, makes it a unique business school with clearly distinguishing features:

  • We are a business school with roots in the business world.
  • The programs are taught by business leaders, executives and highly qualified teachers who pass on their experiences, together with the most innovative and effective management tools and techniques.
  • Our fundamental principles are leadership, the spirit of entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic.
  • Our programs are taught, monitored and assessed to a high standard and quality in order to best develop and enhance our students’ abilities and knowledge.



Marina Real Juan Carlos I
Muelle de la Aduana s/n
46024 Valencia

46024 Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain

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