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European University Campus It is known that continuous training is a priority strategic value in the processes of technological, economic and social changes to be a key element in job stability, social equity and cohesion. The European University Campus, specializing in continuous training, is an organization that works to achieve high quality training, aims surely bring accessible and affordable training to anyone interested in forming a Campus elite, one of the most prestigious Of Europe. With different specialties covering different areas of education, our private campuses offer specific degrees of European University Campus, but away from the topic, Campus privately with prohibitive prices. Achieving the scientific, cultural, social and economic development; and research and vocational training and according to the legislation regarding continuing education is concerned. Within our end, the Campus aims to be a human and educational tool, and as such, we have become accessible to every student and professional population. Students from around the world present with us with a high degree of satisfaction, we have achieved unifying the high quality that characterizes us, accessibility, nearby prices, humane treatment, all with one goal: to be the European benchmark Campus achieving professionals highly trained from Europe to anywhere in the world

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Campus Universitario Europeo

Protect the planet for future generations does not mean giving up our lives or to abandon everyday activities.By adopting simple habits and common sense, each ... [+]

Professional Master CUE - Environment Protect the planet for future generations does not mean giving up our lives or leave daily activities. By adopting simple habits and common sense, each of us can save energy, reduce pollution that affects the temperature of Earth, and conserve our limited natural resources. With CUE Professional Master in Environmental acquire training that will enable him to provide the necessary tools for companies to target their activities and manage- cations in a respectful manner with our environment.


To whom is it addressed?

- Students of biology - Students of science - Professionals - Anyone with concern for knowledge about the environment ... [-]

Spain A Coruña Marbella Madrid
September 2020
6 months
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