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The purpose of existence of the WCC is to contribute to the awakening of society to create a new and better world through research, development and innovation and the integral education of the human being.

We are based on a new training in organizational management placing the fundamental pillar in the integrity of the human being and in the responsibility of all people with society and nature, to contribute to solving the challenges of our time.

These are the 5 main lines of action of the CMI:

  • As a research, development and innovation organization, generate avant-garde scientific and technological knowledge in harmony and collaboration with industry agents.
  • Offer training products and services for excellence in the conscious management of organizations, maximizing the development of talent and the capabilities of people.
  • Through the WCC Universal Foundation, help people and groups with unmet needs, regardless of their situation or origin, by supporting the evolution and improvement of their capabilities.
  • Advice and support for the promotion and creation of new responsible organizations.
  • Offer advanced consulting services to leaders and organizations that seek excellence at the service of society.

The WCC works to grow as an ecosystem that generates responsible products and services covering the entire cycle, from the conception of the idea to the end of its life cycle.


The future plans of the WCC are to contribute globally to achieve a society in peace and harmony with the environment through the formation of conscious leaders, that is, full and responsible.

The vision of the CMI is to be a global benchmark in teaching, consulting and entrepreneurship related to the leadership and conscious management of people and organizations.

  • Our specialty and traits that distinguish us.
  • We aspire to be the center of reference in Europe in conscious management.
  • Pioneer Institute in research, development and innovation in training and responsible management of companies and organizations.
  • The faculty is made up of doctors and researchers at the forefront of the fields of specialization of the WCC.
  • We love our work and transmit with passion the most advanced scientific-technological advances in areas of management and administration, driven by a spirit of excellence and service.
  • Top quality study plans, designed to have a global scope and impact.
  • Committed to the integral development of the human being.

Spirit of search for perfection and continuous improvement

The CMI was born with a vocation for excellence and continuous improvement, which for us means always offering the highest quality and being faithful to our commitments.

About us

Our commitment to excellence is fundamental to the success of CMI, an Institute in continuous evolution that brings the latest advances in responsible management of companies and organizations.


Entrepreneurship is an essential part of the activities of the WCC. Their Professors work in several areas: research in the creation of organizations, advice to startups and in support of entrepreneurship projects of the students of the MBA Programs Responsible. With all this the WCC presents a unique ecosystem, where an entrepreneur can find all the necessary resources to maximize their chances of success.

All these projects share a common spirit: that of creating responsible startups.

Natural, social and economic environment

For the WCC, organizations develop in environments that influence and are affected from different perspectives such as Environmental, Sociological, Economic, etc. so to exercise a truly responsible leadership, it is necessary to delve into the study of the environment with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

The CMI researchers delve into the phenomena of the various sciences that come into play and their interrelation, transmitting the latest innovations in these fields.

Commercial and Marketing

The team of research professors from the Commercial and Marketing Area elaborates innovative tools to understand, deploy and promote these disciplines at the highest level.

By optimizing the adaptation to a global and digital market, a conscious and integrating vision is offered that covers all the fundamental factors of this field to achieve the desired positive impact in the minds of the clients and a continued and sustainable success.


At the WCC, researchers from the Finance Area work to achieve and transmit scientific advances in various fields that make economic-financial and cost analysis more powerful and useful tools that allow to cover and manage the complexities of the world with a broader scope. current and all parties affected by corporate activity, thus achieving a more accurate and committed assessment of the financial health of the organization.

The Professors of the Finance Area are experts in the field and with successful career paths in their sector and who work to be pioneers and promoters of responsible finance.


The CMI investigates to develop innovations in the direction of Operations to achieve a positive impact on society and the environment, ensuring industrial models and ecological and sustainable services taking advantage of the latest scientific and technological advances.

The professors of Operations of the WCC cover a wide range of experiences as specialists in this field and are at the forefront to expand the frontier of knowledge and transmit the state of the art in the different areas, sectors and business models.

Human management

The WCC will signify a great change in the direction of Personnel: its evolution to Human Management, which stops considering people as a resource for the purposes of the organization, and recognizes in people its key importance and the true protagonism that It corresponds to them as human beings. A completely respectful vision that is based on the latest advances in neuroscience, psychology, administration and management.


In the Area of Strategy of the WCC, new developments and theories that come, among others, from research on the evolution of corporate social responsibility and its impact on the conception and strategic implementation of organizations are led. The WCC professors with extensive experience in this field help to clearly understand the importance and consequences in all areas of strategic management.


To aspire to perfection and maximum quality in everything we do is an essential part of the WCC. That is why it is a transversal aspect to all the subjects of the curriculum. The faculty of the Quality Area puts the focus on all relevant aspects and innovations to achieve excellence such as management systems, administration, certifications, standards, etc.

In an environment such as Corporate Social Responsibility, the CMI works to develop and transmit its own vision about Certification systems.

Digital Technologies

As a new institution born in the digital era, the CMI has research professors passionate about the advantages offered by our time to manage information and communication systems. In a context of industry 4.0, social networks, and growing digitalization in all areas, the faculty of the Digital Technology Area offers training that includes the latest tools and knowledge to manage digital systems and technologies with excellence.

Research, development and innovation

The CMI is an Institute of research, development and innovation, therefore works to take beyond the frontiers of knowledge and develop technologies and innovations in various areas such as the management of organizations, production processes, social innovation, etc. .

The Cloister of the WCC is therefore constituted mainly of doctors or doctoral students in the various areas of specialization of the Institute.

In the creation and management of organizations, the WCC places special emphasis on the characteristics of research, development and innovation, which is why its programs include these fields with two objectives: to lay the foundations to be able to manage an organization based on the IDI and so that students acquire the knowledge and skills that allow them to develop in order to carry out a Doctoral Studies Program in the future, so that the Responsible MBAs are also conceived as Masters of Research, Development and Innovation, including the curriculum for the realization of a research work.



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