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The CEI International Affairs is an institution that works with and for professionals in diplomacy and international relations. The main objective is to help them improve their knowledge and develop their personal skills or abilities with the intention of achieving excellence; as well as training new professionals to access the diplomatic career, the international public function, the regional and local administration, non-governmental organizations, or specialize in public and corporate diplomacy.

This task, together with research and dialogue, fostered through seminars and conferences, define the three basic lines of the CEI International Affairs.

30 years of leadership in this area support us. The CIS International Affairs of Barcelona was born in December 1987, created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, the University of Barcelona and the Banking Foundation "la Caixa". Since then, its commitment has been to work around international relations, diplomacy, law, economics and multilateral politics.

CEI International Affairs is a Center Attached to the University of Barcelona.




Finca Agustí Pedro Pons
Av. Vallvidrera, 25
08017 Barcelona

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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