Pohang University of Science and Technology


Pohang University of Science and Technology

Founded in 1986 as the first research-oriented university in Korea, POSTECH is a young university with only 25 years of history. However, with the wholehearted support from POSCO and the POSTECH Foundation and tireless efforts of all POSTECH members, POSTECH has made enormous strides to become a top Korean and Asian university in such a short time, adding its name to the list of top universities in the world despite its comparative youthfulness.

We are proud to be an institution whose top priorities are high-quality education and high-impact research. Our vision for tomorrow is that POSTECH becomes a great place for learning where inspired students can learn from inspiring professors and also an outstanding research institution where faculty, students and graduates pioneer and lead the science and technology fields and discover solutions to the world’s most serious challenges through innovation and collaboration. To realize this vision, all members of the university are working passionately to achieve excellence.

With a commitment to excellence, POSTECH will recruit and retain outstanding faculty members to increase its research capability and develop important research programs in its strategically chosen areas to remain a global leader in science and technology. Our vigorous pursuit of excellence will allow us to make fundamental discoveries and technological breakthroughs that could change the existing paradigms, ranging from healthcare and food to energy and environments. At the same time, as an institution deeply committed to excellent education, we will carry forward our utmost efforts to help our students develop a dream, make it grow and maximize their talents, and equip them with the proper training and right spirit so that they can pursue and realize their dreams in their future professional careers.

On behalf of POSTECH students, faculty and staff, I thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in POSTECH. I hope you find this website helpful and informative.



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