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Rostov State University of Economics (RSUE) was founded in 1931, it is a modern university with deep-seated traditions. RSUE is located in the South of Russia, namely in Rostov-on-Don, the informal southern capital of Russia. It is a megalopolis (1,1 mln. residents) with mild and warm climate (the average annual temperature +10 °C). The city has perfect transport connections with the capital of the country Moscow and many European cities. Historically, Rostov-on-Don was one of the most international cities in Russia with its amiable, safe living environment and it still remains the same one. RSUE had been a part of a special system of universities of applied sciences in former the Soviet Union for a long time. This system incorporated only 14 Soviet universities and was called to provide the whole country (with a population of 300 mln. people) with high-skilled staff in the field of Economics and Management. Nowadays the Rostov State University of Economics is a classical university which offers study programs in 24 subjects. It provides bachelor, master and doctoral studies and still preserves the status of one of the most distinguished institutes of higher education in the country especially in Economics and Management. RSUE has entirely integrated into the European Higher Education Area. The educational process is realized in correspondence with the principles of the Bologna process and the state diploma of the Rostov State University of Economics is recognized and valued in Russia and abroad. RSUE has been a host university for international students since the 60ies of the 20th century. Currently, students from 30 countries study at University. The ratio of international students to the national ones is almost 5 %. They are students from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. A lot of international graduates aim to continue their studying in RSUE, which affirms the high quality of the obtained education and favorable conditions at University. The graduates of University take the leading positions in state bodies and private companies of their countries. International students are accompanied by the International Office since they applied for University up to their departure to their homes after graduation. The International Office helps international students to meet any challenges connected with their studying and living in Russia: the processing of visas and the fulfillment of the Migration Law, admission to dormitory, adaptation in the new country, etc. Each international student has a consultant who assists the student all the time. During their study the international students have the opportunity to choose additional learning programs while getting the main degree; have an access to Russian and International written sources in subjects they study and to the e-library system as well; can participate in various international conferences in Russia and abroad; get additional scholarships for their achievements in studying and scientific activities, as well sport and social life; take part in exchange programs abroad; get the European Diploma Supplement alongside with Russian state diploma and enjoy many other opportunities. The Rostov State University of Economics pays much attention to the social life of students. Dormitories imply well-equipped, guarded complexes which have laundries, kitchens, sports grounds, libraries and access to the Internet. The Students’ Cultural Centre enables students to realize their creative potential, beginning from lessons in a drama circle and finishing by dancing groups of different styles. University puts special emphasis on students’ sport. RSUE has got the honorary title “University of healthy lifestyle” and there are Olympic champions and champions of the world among its students. There are 30 kinds of sports one can go in for professionally or as amateurs for free. University owns two wonderful recreation centers (in Caucasian mountains’ resort and at Azov seaside) where students can spend their vacation.



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