Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University


General information

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (NMSTU) is one of the most credible and reputable multiple- discipline technical universities and scientific centers in Russia. Representing a widespread infrastructure, sophisticated material resources and high intellectual potential, our University became an internationally recognized research school; it has a wide range of cultural and scientific ties with both Russian and overseas universities.


NMSTU is one of the Russian universities which have the status of a ‘Flagship University’. The total number of students reaches 12,000 in 2018. The faculty comprises about 800 teachers with over 530 of them holding Ph.D. degrees and 98 – doctorate degrees. We offer a wide range of Bachelor's, Master's and Postgraduate programs for Russian students and develop advanced Master’s programs taught in English for international students. Students and teaching staff at NMSTU are involved in a variety of research activities and grant programs. The University’s R&D centre of innovations and technology comprises 14 scientific schools and about 20 research laboratories, the Nanosteels Research Institute, the Innovation Business Incubator and the Youth Research Centre. Due to the high integration of education, science and production, NMSTU manages to implement great fundamental and applied research projects sponsored by the government as well as private customers. Our university is also involved in international student exchange programs and has cooperation agreements with 37 partner universities from 60 countries across the world. Traditionally, our engineering students undergo practical training in foreign companies.

NMSTU also performs activities as part of TEMPUS projects funded by the EU European Committee. NMSTU participates in EU projects on the modernization of curricula.

Our university scholars become scientific advisors for overseas universities' postgraduate students in metallurgy and mining, they regularly act as official competitors at foreign partner universities, and also become members of International Conference Committees.

The campus includes well-equipped dormitories, a health centre, providing a wide range of health care services to all employees and students, a recreation centre and sport facilities offering opportunities for sports instruction and participation in regional and national championships at all levels, personal and group training, a variety of aquatic classes, and many more, as well as cafes, canteens and resorts. For more than 80 years the NMSTU graduates have become professionals in engineering, science, technology, business and human sciences. Our undergraduates are recruited by different companies from all over the country and abroad.

Through its 85-year history, the University is known as a multidisciplinary scientific and educational center, famous for its scientific schools in the country and abroad. It has wide geography of culture and scientific relations with leading Russian and foreign universities. NMSTU is included in the top 300 universities of the international rankings QS "Developing Europe and Central Asia", as well as in the top 100 Russian universities in the international ranking of Webometrics.

NMSTU is committed:

  • To educating students in science and technology, sharing their advanced knowledge to the benefit of everyone;
  • To providing its students with intellectual support in research activities and discoveries, cooperation relations with science and technology-related companies for the betterment of humankind and meeting the world's great challenges;
  • To developing in each student the ability, passion and will to work wisely, creatively and efficiently to enter the working world and contribute to the nation and the world to the best of their ability.

Year of foundation:


Number of Students:

over 12 000

Major Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs:

Metallurgy, Materials Science and Technology, Engineering, Technological Machines and Equipment, Design Engineering of Machine Building Industries, Mechatronics and Robotics, Electronics and Nanoelectronics, Transport Processes Technology, Mining, Designing of Technological Machines and Complexes, Land Transport and Technological Facilities, Railway Operation, Building Engineering, Information Security and Automated Systems, Thermal Engineering and Thermal Technology, Power Engineering and Power Technology, Computer Engineering and Programming, Chemistry Technology, Architecture, Economics, Management, Business Informatics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Physics, Psychology, History, Journalism, Philology, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Physical Education, Social Work, Fine Arts, Pedagogical Sciences, Foreign Languages

Major Postgraduate's Degree Programs:

Ferrous, Non-ferrous and Rare Metals Metallurgy, Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys; Machines, Units and Processes; Metal Working Process; Heat and Power Complexes and Systems; Industrial Thermal Engineering, Foundry, Building Construction, Mineral Processing, Geotechnology (construction, open-cast and underground)

Main Fields of Scientific Research:

Metallurgy, Nanosystems and Nanomaterials, Crystal Materials Processing, Power and Energy Saving, Information and Telecommunication Systems, Rational Use of Natural Resources, Transport System Design and Management, Environment- friendly Mining, Product Quality Control



Lenin Street, 38, Magnitogorsk city, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation
455000 Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia

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