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About the Department of Archaeology, Conservation, and History

The Department of Archaeology, Conservation, and History (IAKH) is comprised of three disciplines which in different ways study the past. The department has internationally oriented archaeologists, the only conservation program in Norway and the biggest group of historians in Scandinavia. The department has close to 100 employees, including non-permanent research fellows. The study programs span archaeology from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages, object and paintings conservation, and history from Antiquity to the present age.

Facts and figures

Key figures for 2016

Areas of research

  • Archaeology
  • Conservation
  • History

National commitments

The Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History are engaged in several national and international projects, including:
  • Archaeology: "Meetings Make History. Hunters’ Rock Art and Lands of identity in Mesolithic Northern Europe"
  • History: "The 1814 Project"
  • Conservation: "After the Black Death: Painting and Polychrome Sculpture in Norway, 1350‒1550"



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