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Milano Fashion Institute is a consortium set up to provide higher education in the fashion sector by three Milan universities: Bocconi University, Cattolica University and Politecnico of Milan. These three universities represent an international center of excellence, drawing on consolidated experience in the research and training activities for businesses in the fashion sector in the fields of management, communication, and design. Thus, Milano Fashion Institute is a unique initiative in Europe for the interdisciplinary approach applied to competences contributed by the academic partners. The training programme involves academics and researchers in Economics and Management disciplines from Bocconi University, in Social Sciences and Communication from the Cattolica University, and in Technology and Design from Politecnico of Milan. Usually, programs in the fashion industry involve only one or two of these disciplines and therefore have difficulty introducing students to the huge range of issues raised by the creative, production and communication processes involved in fashion businesses.

The Milano Fashion Institute programme, on the other hand, sets out to provide students with the specialist interdisciplinary skills they need to manage effectively the entire design, production and communication process of fashion products.

Attending a master of MFI provides a unique cultural, personal and professional opportunity to spend a very intense period in Milan, one of the major world fashion capitals.

The strong ties between Milan and fashion, set up since the second half of the last century, are not represented exclusively by the boutiques and stores that are typical of the most cosmopolitan cities throughout the world. In fact, in Milan, there are more than 600 showrooms and 3,000 fashion companies. Milan is also home to some of the most active and important public relations and advertising agencies internationally. And that's not all. In Milan and the surrounding province, there is all the business that compose the fashion pipeline: photographers' studios, scouting agencies, production companies, the publishing system and some of the best known, most advanced and innovative distribution formats at a global scale. Milan is also the city in which the most important industry associations have been set up, such as the National Chamber for Italian Fashion (CNMI) and the Italian Fashion System (SMI).

More than a production and professional system, Milan is a global fashion stage: the fashion system's leading events, including Milano Collezioni, MIPEL (International Leather Goods Market), MIDO (International Eyewear Fair), MICAM ShoeEvent (International Footwear Fair), and Milano Unica (Italian Textiles Fair), act as a catalyst, drawing fashion sector operators from around the world throughout the year.

Culturally-speaking, Milan is the city in which the Italian history is strongly present and, moreover, in which the Art is strongly linked to the cultural phenomena that characterize the contemporaneity, such as fashion and design themselves.The Scala Theatre, the Duomo, the Royal Palace, the Sforzesco Castle, the Arcimboldi Theatre, the Triennale Design Museum, the Brera Pinacoteca, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, the twentieth century Museum and the Fashion Museum of Morando Palace are the main symbols of an extensive system of cultural sites that host events and exhibitions throughout the year.

At a personal level, Milan offers many different leisure opportunities too: the restaurants and venues in Brera and along the Navigli canals, the boutiques in the fashion ‘Golden Quadrilateral' (the luxury retail district in the centre of Milan) and the mega-stores in corso Vittorio Emanuele, the showrooms of top contemporary design brands, the numerous events, like the International Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile) and Fuorisalone events, along with a a widespread network of a small boutique that animate the life of many neighborhoods outside of the well known city center. Milan has also a sporting tradition rooted in the distant past, with teams that have won most titles at European and world level, in both major and minor sports. Finally, as well as being centrally located in Europe, Milan is Northern Italy's most important railway hub, with more than 80 km of metropolitan networks (and two more lines under construction) and 280 km of tram lines.



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