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Iuav Masters (Postgraduate Specialisation Programmes) and Advanced Specialisation Courses

Università Iuav di Venezia offers advanced courses for graduates and professionals.

The various postgraduate programmes are divided in three branches that vary according to the degree you achieve:

  • Level I Master Programme
  • Level II Master Programme
  • Advanced Specialisation Courses

The Masters (Postgraduate Specialisation Programmes) aim at developing knowledge and skills in innovative and strategic sectors of the manufacturing and industrial world, and are characterised by an interdisciplinary and applicative approach.

They are open to graduates from various disciplines (Art, Architecture, Urban Planning, Sociology, Engineering, Economics, Philosophy, Literature, etc.) that are interested in acquiring professional training in entrepreneurship, corporate functions, and certain administrative and financial sectors.

All Postgraduate Master Programmes have controlled access. The terms of admission are given in each individual Programme Notice.

Postgraduate Master Programmes are open to those in possession of the following titles (specific sectors have further information on their own Programme Notice):

  • Level I Master Programme – prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science
  • Level II Master Programme – prerequisite: Master of Arts or Science

A Postgraduate Master Programme is the length of one academic year, with about 375 / 450 total hours of lesson time. Academic activities are quantified in university credits (one credit corresponds to 25 hours of student work). The total student workload is therefore generally included in 60 credits.

In order to acquire a Postgraduate Master Degree, students must attend at least 70% of the total duration of the study course, and pass the necessary exams. The study plan includes an internship, to experiment and apply the acquired knowledge, and the final research thesis.

Advanced Specialisation Courses are professional courses of various duration. They are open to those in possession of an undergraduate or graduate degree. They are also open to those who have gained professional experience that is recognised and deemed fit for the purpose of the courses.

All graduate programmes have controlled access: it is, therefore, advisable to view the individual Notice of each programme to know the exact terms of admission.

The graduate programmes can include the acquisition of university credits.

The attendance rate is compulsory to a certain per cent of hours.



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