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Haute Future Fashion Academy is a high-level training institution in the sector of High-End Luxury Fashion, Haute Couture and Concept Design.

It was set up in Milan, the international capital of Fashion and Design, with the aim of training a new generation of Creative Directors and Strategic Managers and to provide a practical response to the demand for increasingly diversified and specialised professional figures.

Using an avant-garde approach, HFFA intends to restructure training within an international dimension geared towards the future. The aim is to rediscover craft skills and enhance Italian fashion goods.


Manual craft skills, combined with a search for expressive and artistic qualities, have returned to prominence thanks to a renewed interest in the practical aspects of “creating fashion”. This is why it is so important to provide students with the cultural tools and design skills that will prepare them for the world of work and enable them to make a successful impact at the highest levels of the Fashion System.

An integral part of the HFFA teaching method consists of professional skills workshops, run on company-style lines, which enable the students to get hands-on experience of the requirements, rhythms and attitudes of the working environment.

This complete, innovative course has high academic standards as well as firmly established relations with leading institutions and companies in the Fashion System. This makes HFFA a centre of excellence for students and a reference point for businesses that choose to invest and innovate in this strategic sector.


The HFFA Campus is situated in the historic centre of Milan and occupies a strategic position, full of style offices and boutiques, just a stone’s throw away from the Duomo and via Montenapoleone.

It is situated in the historic premises of the SIAM Institute, the Society for the Furtherment of Arts and Crafts (Società Di Incoraggiamento Arti e Mestieri): set up as long ago as 1838, before national unification, it has always accompanied the processes of innovation that have involved the city of Milan and the whole of Italy.

The building has a surface area of over 5,000 m² and hosts, within its ancient Roman walls, prestigious historical and cultural resources such as the old Great Hall and the renowned Carlo Cattaneo Library, which contains over 6,500 texts and manuscripts dating to the eighteenth century.

The structure is a true paradise in the centre of Milan; with two large courtyards full of plants and flowers and a terrace with wonderful views, the premises are designed to offer students the highest levels of comfort. Open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm, the Academy also offers fantastic opportunities to socialise, thanks to large study areas, an elegant cafeteria and a Fashion Club, accessible to students and professionals in the Fashion and Design sector.


The lecture halls for teaching provide a friendly and stimulating environment, steeped in elegance and technology, and are equipped with Mac computers and a Wi-Fi connection.

As well as lecture halls, there are also laboratories designed exclusively for various practical activities, such as the Dressmaking and Tailoring Atelier, Perfumery and Sound Design. During the activities, students will be assisted by a technical expert, a tutor who will guide them in learning the technologies and the equipment.


As well as the old Library of the Siam Institute, the Academy also offers its extraordinarily well-stocked Library of Fashion and Design. With over 6,000 volumes, including both old and modern texts, the library is accessible to students and professionals who can carry out academic research or consult texts for their own purposes.


HFFA is the first Advanced Training Academy to be equipped with an innovative mobile system for data management. Thanks to the use of an application for smartphones and tablets, students will be able to consult constantly updated information about courses, timetables and lecture halls as well as gaining access to educational contents such as flashcards, tests, textbooks and lecture notes or check marks and other personal data.


The Summer Campus at HFFA is the ideal opportunity for anyone wishing to discover a profession in the luxury end.

The courses offered during the summer period provide the possibility to have a unique experience in one of the most dynamic cities of Europe and spend the summer in Milan based on creativity.

The classes will be held in English/Italian, every day from Monday to Friday.

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Via Santa Marta, 18
20123 Milan, Lombardy, Italy

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