WFI - Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt School of Management


Founded in 1989, the WFI – Ingolstadt School of Management is one of the youngest and most successful business schools in Germany. Prospective Students are carefully selected on the basis of their educational background, intellectual capabilities, and social competence.

The WFI is widely known for its very favorable teacher-student ratio, allowing our teaching staff to offer highly interactive and intensive learning experiences. Partnerships with renowned universities around the globe and two double degree programs provide our students with excellent international study opportunities. Close cooperation with carefully selected partner companies ensures the market orientation of our study programs. This enables our students to gain important practical experience already during their studies.

The resulting comprehensive study program is a unique combination of rigorous scientific research and teaching with practical thinking and reflective action. Hence our graduates are highly competitive in the job market.

The Catholic University

The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt is only of its kind in the German language area. It offers its 4,000 students of all confessions the privileges of a small university in free maintenance without levying tuition fees. Eight faculties offer fully recognized courses of study. They all lead to a degree as either “Diplom”, Bachelor or Master. The comprehensive basis is that specialized knowledge and social competencies are taught on the foundation of Christian values.

The Ingolstadt School of Management

Founded in 1989 the Ingolstadt School of Management is the youngest of the eight faculties of the CU of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt with about 900 students enrolled. Despite its short history, the Ingolstadt School of Management is one of the leading places for business management education. Numerous top placements in university rankings confirm this.

Mission Statement

The Ingolstadt School of Management has defined its specific profile and its position in the academic competition in a Mission Statement:

  • The Ingolstadt School of Management prepares its students for their future professional life by teaching them innovative business theories and the promotion of practical experience.
  • Students are enabled to fulfill the managerial and specialized task in domestic and international contexts in a responsible, socially competent and professional manner.
  • In doing so, the Ingolstadt School of Management follows established Catholic educational traditions while keeping up with the times.
  • The Ingolstadt School of Management demands the highest performance standards from all its academic teaching and research staff.



Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät Ingolstadt
Auf der Schanz 49

85049 Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany

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