SRH Hochschule Berlin


SRH Hochschule Berlin - being as international as its location - is state-approved and accredited by the scientific advisory council. You will study in the center of Berlin, at the Ernst-Reuter-Platz named after the first governing mayor of Berlin. The SRH Hochschule Berlin offers and expects a high-performance standard in studies, instruction, and research. We integrate theory and practice in newly-developed study courses and put special emphasis on active co-determination by our students.

Committed and cosmopolitan

Do you want to be internationally committed to managerial positions? With our high standards in the study, instruction, and research, we look for talented and goal-oriented students. Our definite goal is to prepare personalities who are responsible, able to work in a team and interculturally educated for future tasks. Renowned lecturers such as Dieter Kronzucker convey actual content firsthand.

Our students gain valuable experience and knowledge by absolving an exchange semester at our partner universities in Dublin, Paris, Bordeaux, Ankara, Istanbul, and Wilna.

In brief: Our excellent education offers extraordinary chances for your future.

Philosophy & mission statement

At the SRH Hochschule Berlin, specialist qualifications, interdisciplinary openness and social responsibility belong together.

Intercultural excellence

At our university, students from 14 different nations attend their courses. Approximately 30 percent of our professors and teaching staff use their international background to foster our interactive and multinational didactic approach. With strong communicative and problem-solving features, we transform academic theory into applicable and implementable management knowledge. Some examples include our exclusive resort projects and intensively coached internships.



SRH Hochschule Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10

10587 Berlin Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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