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Who is oncampus?

oncampus gives you the opportunity to take part in on-site online courses and on-line courses at selected state colleges. We are a 100% subsidiary of the Fachhochschule Lübeck and have developed into one of the European Megaproviders in e-learning in more than 15 years of company history.

With a team of 70 people, online courses and online scientific training courses are being developed, operated and marketed at the Lübeck location. The programs bundle the competence of more than 150 professors, companies and institutions. The opening up of universities to new target groups and new forms of cooperation are at the core of our digital strategy. This also includes our cooperation with the universities of the Association of the Virtual University of Applied Sciences.

Quality assurance and certificates

Over the past five years, the number of health courses has more than doubled through new courses and increasing student numbers. Our oncampus processes are continually optimized to meet customer requirements and expectations, and are certified by ISO 9001 quality management systems. In addition, we have the certification according to ISO 29990, which systematizes and evaluates the special processes of learning services. We have thus placed further important brands for oncampus' sustainable positioning in the competitive environment.

Our development

2001 Year of Foundation Virtual University of Applied Sciences, Start Online-Bachelor-Programs Mediainformatik & Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

2003 oncampus GmbH becomes a service provider of the university association

2005 Start of the online education for softskills

2009 Start Onlinestudiengänge Business Administration and Business Informatics

2011 Launch In-company training for the areas of IT, chemistry, life science

2013 Professional-to-Business Master Degree Programs Business Administration and Business Informatics

2014 LINAVO testing phase "Learning in the net, advancement on the spot" - New developments for mechanical engineering, food, tourism and maritime industry

up to 2017 Development and implementation of 10 additional Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, a significant increase in the share of university graduates, Strategic cooperation with industry in the development of new offers

by 2020 about 50 new MOOCs, MOOC participants increased to over 100,000

What does oncampus offer in the field of distance learning?

You can acquire your bachelor's or master's degree from oncampus in the Fernstudium. In the online academic courses, you can complete a university certificate.

Bachelor's degree:

In the Bachelor's area, you can choose between business studies, business engineering, business informatics and media informatics.

Master's degree:

In the Master section, you can choose between the courses of studies in Media Informatics and Industrial Engineering (consecutive).

Continuing Education:

The postgraduate master's degree courses are based on professional experience. You can take part in the studies of business administration, business informatics and industrial engineering (continuing).

Online Training Courses:

We offer you a wide range of advanced training courses, which you can book online with us. We offer courses in the fields of nutrition, computer science, career planning, management, maritime economy, medical technology, online media, key qualifications (soft skills), technology and business.

Online compulsory training

Oncampus also provides on-line compulsory training in food hygiene, infection protection and occupational safety. In this way, your trainings for your employees from the food industry can be carried out simply, quickly and cheaply and on the spot.

Service provider

Oncampus GmbH also acts as a service provider in the area of ​​e-learning and develops, operates and distributes on-the-job online courses and courses for universities, companies and institutions.

Oncampus is your competent partner for all tasks in the field of professional e-learning. Please feel free to contact us!

Our Mission Statement

Who are we - what is our mission?

The institute for learning services of the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck & oncampus GmbH use Internet and multimedia to open universities for new target groups: We help people to maintain and improve their long-term employability as well as to return to education or work.

Since 1997, the Fachhochschule Lübeck and its subsidiary oncampus have successfully developed into leading European providers in the field of online distance learning.

What do we stand for?

Cooperation and networking are guiding principles of our actions. We are aware of our responsibility for our customers, our partners and employees, and act accordingly. We are cosmopolitan, open-minded and friendly.

We work professionally solution-oriented. Innovative technical solutions are developed and used to promote lifelong learning, in particular work-accompanying learning. We see heterogeneity as an opportunity.

Who are our customers?

The focus of our activities is on the learners who use our educational programs. We cooperate nationally and internationally with universities, companies and institutions in order to enable as many people as possible access to high-quality education and to support them successfully in their competence development.

What are our goals?

We enable independent, time-dependent and cooperative learning. To this end, we consistently use the Internet to provide educational services and services that support lifelong learning.

To meet these requirements, we cooperate with national and international universities as well as other partners. We achieve our goals by continually expanding and securing market-oriented, innovative, high-quality processes and products. To achieve this, we use an integrated management system.

In this way, we contribute structurally to securing and expanding the long-term competitiveness of FH Lübeck in the national and international education market.

What can we?

For universities, we design, develop, implement and operate on-the-job online courses and further training on the basis of our e-learning methodology and infrastructure.

We enable online study and further education. We offer tailor-made and standardized on-line training.

Where can we build?

Our success is based on a motivated, committed and qualified team. We have broad and deep competences in e-learning technologies, didactics and methodology of lifelong learning and the management of a learning organization.

We pursue a continuous, sustainably oriented human resources development. We work with standardized, efficient processes in order to be able to offer high-quality educational products and services on the market in an economically viable manner. We use strategic projects to develop innovative products and processes.


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