EISTI : Graduate School in Computer Science and Mathematics Engineering



As an engineering school officially recognised by the State and made competent by the CTI (French Engineering accreditation institution) the EISTI’s vocation is to train future engineers in Mathematics and Computing.

Beyond building a professional career with you, initiating a promising future

Whether it is in the field of finance or the vast and diverse industry of new technologies, the EISTI leads its students to over 50 different jobs in highly diverse sectors of activity.

In an ever-mutating world where technologies are replaced at great speed, the EISTI has chosen to stay at the heart of companies’ needs and technological evolution and to train its teaching to help their students reach the most attractive and innovative jobs.

Internships, international mobility, double diplomas: opening your mind to the world

At the EISTI, periods of internships and professional experience are an integral part of your training, and the network that brings the school together with companies is “high speed” and always active.

Multicultural thinking and international mobility have a key position in the curriculums that we offer. Over 40 partnerships have been tied with establishments throughout the world.

The EISTI is also the school of double diplomas with prestigious universities and management schools. Complementary formations and open-mindedness to a wide scope of expertise are some of the school's core values, and they materialize through our partnerships. For an engineering student, it is yet another occasion to add extra value to their CV.

The Eistian experience: only at the EISTI

Student life here is rich and full of enthusiasm, paced by student social events and intermingling of the different classes. On the two campuses that belong to the school, in Cergy and Pau, everyone joins forces to create a collective atmosphere of work and well-being.

Academic excellence combined with a strong sense of humanism have always brought Eistian culture and spirit to life. The school has elected 4 core values in its charter: Professionalism, Openness, Solidarity and Ethics. They make the EISTI a unique institution and a great place to study while building a promising future for yourself.


Studying at the EISTI also means living life at a top engineering school where students share values and activities. Being an eistian is also a way of being and acting every day, by respecting our charter’s four values: Professionalism – Openness – Solidarity- Ethics. Everyone can rely on their schoolmates, teachers and staff from both our campuses. Because human capital is essential to us, now more than ever. Hard work and willpower always prevail.

Student life here is rich and full of animation, paced by the rhythm of the diverse activities that the thirty or so student societies have to offer. There has to be one made for you among them; and if that isn’t the case... why not create your own?

The festive and favourable intermingling of different years is both lively and warm. It is a place where bonds can be forged, and last far beyond the years of EISTI. During your years at the EISTI, we want you to be able to express your talents, develop new passions, open up to others, feed on rewarding experiences, go through unforgettable moments... In a word: thrive on a personal and collective level.

This well-being is also part of what makes eistians successful.

In Cergy and Pau, the working environments are both pleasant and functional, and various modern tools contribute to an optimal workflow in your studies: laptops, an online virtual school, video conferencing and more. The EISTI campuses reflect our values: they are homely, dynamic, friendly, and also well-integrated in their town’s university campuses.


Our students are welcome to the campus of their choice, either in Cergy or in Pau.

Cergy Campus (95)

Built in 1989, the EISTI campus features three different buildings (Cauchy, Condorcet and Turing) adding up to a total surface area of 8400 m². Fully fitted with modern equipment (including 3 videoconference-ready amphitheatres and video projectors in every classroom) and located near the student residence, it is reachable via RER A.

Advantageously located within the 2nd largest student hub in Ile de France, the campus is in close proximity of the prefectural park, Cergy-Pontoise University, the ESSEC and the Trois-Fontaines shopping centre. Cergy is an energetic student town with several significant assets: a pleasant, green living environment, multiple sports and cultural activities available (a water sports centre, a theatre, cinemas and more).

Students can reach the capital within 35 minutes via RER A (from « Cergy-Préfecture » station).

Pau Campus (64)

The Pau campus benefits from all the main assets of a big city in a region and from the close proximity of Spain, the mountainside and the seaside.

It features a building reaching close to 5000m² in the heart of town on top of the university campus. This campus offers a pleasant, modern and luminous working environment, both eco-friendly (HQE) and equipped with the latest technology (amphitheatres with full HD video conferencing tools, optical fibre, access control and more), and particularly friendly for students. It boasts a vegetation-filled atrium, connected amphitheatres and classrooms, a student hall and cafeteria, audio tutors for foreign languages and relaxation areas.

Eistiens benefit from the quality of life of an athletic town with a rich history, in between the ocean and the mountains.


Our charter is made up of four strong values allowing each and every person at the EISTI to flourish during their time here, and after. The charter and all it stands for leaves a mark on our students, notably showing during their professional path and development. Our former students often make reference to the charter, and their networks are sensitive to it. Being an Eistien is a way of being, acting and thinking on a daily basis. With each new school year, the charter is presented to everybody at the school, in order for the school’s philosophy to become completely integrated into their way of thinking, acting and being.


  • Appreciating group work
  • Bringing together individual talent and collective success
  • Ensuring the trust of businesses


  • Remaining curious about the lives of others
  • Going to others in order to enrich one’s knowledge and sharing one’s own with them
  • Daring to share
  • Questioning oneself
  • Being proof of humility;
  • Ignoring useless assumptions
  • Avoiding arrogance and self-satisfaction


  • Showing solidarity with our elders as well as those younger than us
  • Making helping others a natural reflex
  • Listening respectfully to others
  • Keeping the solidarity between different school-years


  • Respecting the work of one’s teachers and colleagues
  • Carrying out the expected work
  • Not giving up, facing difficulties head-on
  • Being involved in one’s internship: serious, rigorous, taking initiative




Avenue du Parc
95000 Cergy, Île-de-France, France



2 Boulevard Lucien Favre - CS 77563
64075 Pau, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

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