Data ScienceTech Institute


Data ScienceTech Institute is the 1st private postgraduate school in pure Data Science & Big Data education in France!

Data ScienceTech Institute is a degree-granting, private postgraduate vocational institution registered with the Rectorat of Nice (UAI 062136P) and the Rectorat of Paris (UAI 0755832G). Rectorats are the regional delegations of the French Ministry for Education, Higher Education and Research.

Data ScienceTech Institute was constructed with the world-famous quality and intensity of French science and engineering on one hand and the natural British business savviness and pragmatism on the other.

Our Mission

Data Science is a complex field, involving computer science, hard science, and business applications all surrounded by ethics and law. We train operational Data Scientists by offering the most intensive programs available to take up the Big Data challenge!

Data Science is also an applied science. Our programs are hence driven by a Scientific Advisory Board, composed of recognized and respected professional figures as well as academics with industrial partnerships experience. In fact, we commit ourselves to follow the industrial, and the job market needs to the letter, so our programs will evolve on a yearly basis. Therefore, you will be invited to come back, in the presence or via e-learning, to keep your skills up-to-date.

In that respect, we are quality-assessed using two simple criteria: your employment rate and your employers’ satisfaction. These are even evaluated during the program, thanks to the projects and junior consulting missions you will undertake.

Are you a fresh, bright young graduate or an experienced professional? We are totally confident the Data ScienceTech Institute program you will choose will put all your brain cogs in action and give you the “Sexiest Job of the XXIst century”. (Havard Business Review, Oct. 2012)

DSTI is proud of its Applied MSc in Data Science & Artifical Intelligence and Applied MSc in Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence to have been fully accredited at Master’s level by the French Government via the RNCP mechanism.

The RNCP “Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles” is a government recognition mechanism dedicated to scrutinising programmes’ suitability for the job market. A RNCP title rewards specific needs in terms of skills and knowledge transfer for immediate employability, which is the heart of DSTI philosophy.

Once our students complete their studies and professional experience, their achievements will be assessed by our Graduation Committee. If successful, they will be able to obtain the degree “Expert en Sciences des Données” (Expert in Data Sciences).

Moreover, students who successfully complete our programmes will also receive a degree from DSTI, certifying the completion of the academic curriculum and granting 60 ECTS credits at Master level, providing they’ve earned a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) beforehand

The degree is registered in the French national register of professional qualifications (RNCP), which lists all diplomas, degrees and professional titles recognised by the French state. The qualification is recognised as a degree at Master level (level 7 of the European qualifications Framework – EQF). This would allow students to continue their studies in PhD if they choose so.

Enterprise-Level Certifications

Furthermore, the Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, and the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence programmes include two enterprise-level certifications. Students are prepared by professionals.

Applied MSc in Data Science & AI:

  • Amazon AWS Cloud-Computing DSTI Chair
    A preparation for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, as DSTI being a member of AWS Academy
  • The SAS Ecosystem DSTI Chair
    A preparation to the Base Programming Using SAS

Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI:

  • Amazon AWS Cloud-Computing DSTI Chair
    A preparation for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Cloudera Certified Data Engineer
    A preparation for Cloudera Certified Data Engineer

Campus France, the official French Agency for the promotion of French Higher Education, has recognized and listed our degrees in their prestigious "Programs taught in English" section with all the best institutions in France, in the "Mathematics" and "Engineering and Technology" sections:

Also, we are pleased to announce that KDnuggets, in the top 10 of the Most Influential Brands on Big Data, identified DSTI as one of the best programs in Data Science in the World. For a young school like us, it is a very great achievement to be in this quadrant and it demonstrates our constant progression. Here is the link:

It also presents us in their Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics in Europe list:

We are also members of this ecosystem (industrial and academic cluster)

Also here is what Stephan Hadinger, Head of architecture at Amazon AWS was saying about our school.



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