EAFIT’s 50th-anniversary celebration in 2010 was a chance to reflect once again on the symbiotic relationship between our institution and the outside community.

The real-world relevance of our university’s programs, combined with our close ties to the productive sector and faculty and staff who are trained under the highest quality standards, make our university a space that provides direct access to the outside world, while at the same time equipping students with knowledge that legitimizes the human/ ethical component and is supported by the new technologies.

Existing academic programs at the time did not fully meet the expectations of Antioquia’s business community and that dissatisfaction was the catalyst for the signing of the charter for the Escuela de Administración y Finanzas (School of Administration and Finance, or EAF) on May 4, 1960. Three months later, on Aug. 17, American professor Bernard J.
Hargadon Jr. began teaching a class on Accounting Principles, part of the Business Administration curriculum, in a classroom in downtown Medellín.

From those humble beginnings, various developments later occurred that would transform the institution into one of Colombia’s leading academic centers. The first change took place in 1962 when the Instituto Tecnológico (Institute of Technology) opened its doors and began offering degree programs in textile, industrial and mechanical technologies and computer programming. That was the moment when two more letters (the I and T) were added to the EAF name.

In 1963, EAFIT moved to its current campus, located in La Aguacatala neighborhood on Medellín’s south side. It is there that the institution’s most important transformations have occurred, including its recognition in 1971 as a university and the cancellation.
of the technical programs to make way for new fields of study. EAFIT eventually comprised four schools: Management (1979), Engineering (1979), Sciences and Humanities (1997) and Law (1999). The university’s fifth school was opened in 2012: Economics and Finance.

In another major development, the National Education Ministry granted the university accreditation as a high-quality institution for the first time in 2003 and in 2010 extended that recognition for a period of eight years.

Today, EAFIT is a cutting-edge university that offers 19 undergraduate programs, 3 doctorates, 21 master’s degree programs and more than 60 graduate certificate programs, as well as continuing education programs, language courses and more. The institution also has satellite campuses in Bogotá, Pereira, and Llanogrande (Rionegro).

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Universidad EAFIT

The MIB at Universidad EAFIT provides a unique international and multicultural experience to students from different walks of life. ... [+]

Why our MIB?

The MIB at Universidad EAFIT provides a unique international and multicultural experience to students from different walks of life.


The MIBs integrated core curriculum covers several key areas in international business: research foundations and statistics, managerial and global economics, strategy, operations and communications. Our courses build on and complement each other.

Our faculty uses a variety of teaching methodologies to develop key capabilities required in the ever-increasing complexity of the global economy and international markets, like active learning, group projects, and simulations.

Part-time MIB (4 semesters)

Students of our regular part-time MIB program will participate during 4 semesters in different courses and activities, requiring approximately 24 hours of classroom presence (also video conference possible) and 72 hours studying remotely per month (6h + 18h per week).... [-]

Colombia Medellín
January 2020
2 - 4 semesters
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