Koguan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The International Programs at KoGuan Law School launched at the end of 2009 and function as a catalyst for internationalization of legal education. Administered by International Programs Office and under the guidance of Vice Dean for International Programs, International Programs has an ambitious vision for the 21st-century legal education at KoGuan Law School.

In the age of globalization, legal education has transcended national boundaries. The legal challenges faced, and the practice of law has become increasingly, more global in character. An international perspective is a fundamental component of the competencies needed by every lawyer and legal academic.

The goal of International Programs at KoGuan Law School is for KoGuan law students to bring home international knowledge through overseas study experiences and for international students and legal professionals to gain fundamental knowledge in Chinese law.

The growth and success of our international programs is a key to the success of legal education at KoGuan Law School. By connecting students and scholars from around the world, international programs help create a law school experience that enriches the lives of our law students, makes them more international-minded citizens, gives them the skills they need to compete in the global legal environment.

KoGuan Law School is determined to build an institution that promotes both broad and deep internationalization of the legal education. We will expand the international dimensions of the curriculum, increase the opportunities for study and research abroad, and enhance the interactions between international and Chinese students and scholars. Our international reach is aided by collaboration with foreign educational institutes all over the world.

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