Vancouver School of Theology



Vancouver School of Theology has been part of theological education in British Columbia for over 100 years—a rich, pioneering tradition upon which to build. We are a direct descendant of a number of denominational institutions founded in Vancouver over the years.

The core work of our school is to prepare students for congregational ministry and leadership.


  • At VST international students pay the same tuition rate as Canadian students?
  • VST is located on the campus of the Univesrity of British Columbia. We are close to the ocean, beaches, lots of recreational and artistic activities, and we live in a temperate climate.
  • There are a number of affordable housing options on and near the campus?


The School established its partnership with First Nations more than 30 years ago and offers the innovative Native Ministries M.Div. Degree Program by extension, reaching out to Western Canada and the Pacific North-West and Hawaii in the U.S.A.


In 2010, VST established Inter-Religious Studies, with new courses and programs that teach students to engage with other faith traditions for the good of the world that God loves.


The Vancouver School of Theology is called to educate and form thoughtful, engaged and generous Christian leaders.


  • God calls a people from and around the world to be a blessing for all creation.
  • The God revealed in the history of Israel and in Jesus Christ, calls us to think together with tradition for the sake of the present and the future.
  • We meet God’s image in our neighbor and in all creation.


An education at VST invites:

  • Faithful discernment of the demands of Christian service.
  • Rigorous engagement with Christian tradition and contemporary learning.
  • Hospitable and respectful collaboration with Indigenous spiritualties and other cultures and faith traditions for the good of all creation.


As a community of faith, we commit to:

  • Theological education (theological, biblical, pastoral, ethical, historical, Indigenous and inter-religious studies) and formation for the flourishing of God’s people.
  • Inspiring lives of discerning Christian discipleship within and outside this community.
  • Respect for the dignity of every person.
  • Learning and scholarship are undertaken with diligence and openness.
  • Encouraging prophetic speech and just action for the love and welfare of creation.


  • Increase our commitment to educating and forming ministry-bound students for transformative leadership, while continuing to support existing research-oriented programmes.
  • Inspire excellence in teaching and learning for God’s people, and share that learning in multiple venues.
  • Cultivate our relationships with denominations that currently support us and continue ecumenical expansion, locally and internationally.
  • Increase our capacity to use information technologies for teaching, and research and programmatic outreach with diverse external publics.
  • Build the VST reputation and nurture a greater community of relationships, e.g., with Indigenous peoples, other religious traditions, UBC, neighborhood theological colleges.
  • Strengthen our recruitment of ‘first-choice’ applicants from Canada, the Pacific North West and draw students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Create long-term financial strength, stability and confidence in the school with responsible stewardship.
  • Enhance full-time faculty through deliberate recruitment and retention, to complement our current faculty.
  • Sustain and develop a staff, faculty, and board who enthusiastically support the vision and mission of the school.



Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada