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39 Master Programs in Transportation and Logistics Transportation Transportation Engineering 2024



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Master Programs in Transportation and Logistics Transportation Transportation Engineering

Many students enter programs to earn a master’s degree in transportation engineering in order to apply their engineering degrees or professional experience to mobility. The program prepares students for careers in the automotive and aeronautical industries.

What is a Master in Transportation Engineering?  This advanced degree gives students in-depth knowledge of transportation design and systems. Students interested in vehicle prototypes, automotive design, computer-integrated vehicle and aircraft systems, airworthiness engineering and safety systems will find the coursework and development projects invaluable. Program participants learn prototyping and design skills for cars, trucks, special vehicles and airplanes, as well as certification and legal standards required for safety and for governmental and environmental regulations. Graduates are prepared for engineering careers in the auto and airline industry, as well as many regulatory and government institutions.

This master’s degree program benefits both engineering students and engineers already pursuing careers who want to develop specific mobility design skills and the knowledge necessary to work within regulatory standards. Graduates are at an advantage over individuals with more general engineering experience when applying for positions in the transportation industry.

Each institution will have its own program requirements for cost and duration, but most programs take approximately two years to complete. Cost varies for each school. Interested students should research each institution to ensure their requirements are met.

Program graduates have a wide variety of career options in transportation design and systems. Many graduates choose to enter the automotive industry, applying their skills to creating prototypes for new cars or designs for automated systems within the vehicles. The airline industry is also open to graduates, offering careers in aircraft design, as well as careers working with the many computer-integrated systems within planes, towers, radars and communication equipment. Engineers with this degree are in high demand in many government and private transportation agencies as well.

There are international options for engineers interested in a transportation graduate degree. Our extensive database can direct prospective applicants to appropriate institutions. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.