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29 Master Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Television Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Television Studies

Obtaining a Master in Television Studies requires extensive study through an accredited university program. Students wishing to increase their career opportunities upon graduation should consider the many options available to them from one institution to the next.

What is a Master in Television Studies? Students with creative minds and a passion for film often find that they are drawn towards the TV and film industries. Pursuing post graduate education in television often includes the study of digital film, the history of television and filmmaking, as well as the social and political aspects of film and how they affect audiences. Within television studies, students can choose more specific areas of study that appeal to their individual talents and interests.

By obtaining a master level education in television studies, students can gain the hands-on experience needed to make an impact in today’s TV and film industry. Post-grad educational study can open new doors for networking and career building.

When trying to plan ahead for the cost of a Master in Television Studies program, it is important that students understand the varying tuition rates that are in place from one institution to the next. The price of tuition can vary vastly in different regions of the world, and this may be due to factors such as program popularity, institution size, or esteemed instruction. Students can work with a financial advisor at their school of interest to determine the cost of completing their chosen program.

After graduation, students can seek employment in fields such as screenwriting, set design for television or theater, and film production. The opportunities within the television industry are endless, with dozens of individuals needed on a single set to produce a television show or feature film. For students with an interest in enhancing their knowledge of television and related technologies, learning more about a Master in Television Studies program may help them to select the right major within the field.

To apply online for schooling, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.