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93 Master Programs in Technology Studies Technology Innovation 2024



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Master Programs in Technology Studies Technology Innovation

Students who pursue a master’s degree often hope to further develop their knowledge in an academic field. Many students utilize these programs to help them prepare for a more developed role in the industry of their choice.

What is a Master in Technology Innovation? A focus in technology innovation provides students a space to explore the unique intersection between technological design and product development. Often these programs may be accompanied by a focus on engineering approaches and help students gain entrepreneurial and management skills along with technical savvy. Programs often focus on the development of profitable businesses and commercial products. Courses commonly cover topics like business strategy, diagnostic design, policies, invention, product development, management, sustainability and intellectual property.

This program may help students acquire important industry skills. The management skills acquired during the program can help launch improved career opportunities. Additionally, improved product development and technological skills may help students broaden career focus and improve future salaries.

When considering costs, students need to look at individual institutions that set their own fees. Duration can largely affect overall cost of study, and students may need to budget accordingly.

Completing a Master in Technology Innovation may open interesting career options to new graduates. Many students may select positions as innovation managers at technology corporations. In this capacity, individuals may specifically focus on innovation management within a supply chain and operations. Additionally, some students may find positions as project design managers at engineering, communications and technology companies. Outside of this capacity, students may choose to work in consumer demand and media relations as marketing managers. These programs also offer an excellent opportunity for students to gain the skills necessary to begin their own profitable technology-design businesses.

Programs located throughout a variety of countries offer a Master in Technology Innovation. Online programs can be an alternative option to traditional platforms. To start, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.