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77 Master Programs in Sport and Exercise Studies Sports Science 2024



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Master Programs in Sport and Exercise Studies Sports Science

A master's degree is often the natural next step in the progression of many careers, providing graduates with the greater earning potential and upward mobility in their field of choice.

What is a Master in Sports Science? This advanced degree can mean a variety of things, depending on the focus of an individual program. Broadly, sports science degrees focus on advanced scientific concepts related to sports and biology or to evidence-based training. This can include sports medicine, specialized degrees in movement sciences and injury prevention, and even coaching psychology programs. Consulting individual programs to learn more about their focal areas for study will tell you more.

The scientific understanding of the human body has a variety of applications to a career in sports, both for athletes and for coaches, which makes an education in sports science important for anyone working with people in those roles. By understanding evidence-based ways of assessing performance, safety, and risk management, students are better able to help athletes reach and maintain peak performance throughout their careers.

Costs for programs in sports science are highly variable and depend on both the location of the program. It can also vary because of the amount of hands-on laboratory science in the curriculum, since there are often material fees and other related costs. To learn more about the costs of sports science programs, it is best to research individual schools.

Careers in sports science are primarily in coaching and training, and they can include any role that fits into those categories. Those who achieve advanced degrees in the subject typically make up the highest level of coaching and training personnel, and as their experience builds, they can become highly sought-after by larger sports organizations at the professional and collegiate levels. They also tend to be common in organizational positions within school-aged athletic programs and other forms of sports education.

Sports science is a growing field, and international opportunities for study are available from a variety of universities. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.