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149 Master Programs in Sport and Exercise Studies Sport Business 2024



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Master Programs in Sport and Exercise Studies Sport Business

Obtaining an advanced degree is a way for professionals in the field to enhance their existing skills and to become more equipped to succeed in their competitive field of choice.

What is a Master in Sport Business? Also known as a Master’s of Sports Management or Sport Administration, it is an advanced degree designed to augment previous work done at the bachelor’s level. The coursework emphasizes a variety of skills and areas of knowledge while also tying in the specific ways that they interact in sport-related businesses, including team management. Graduates from these programs find themselves prepared for a variety of managerial roles within sports franchises and related businesses.

Many students choose to pursue their master’s degree because they have been successful in entry-level positions in the field, or they have been promoted and wish to demonstrate their readiness for more responsibility and further professional development.

The costs for sport management programs are very different, depending on the program type and location. The best way to learn more about the costs of programs is to research them individually.

People who complete advanced degrees in sport business or sports management are prepared to move up the ladder within professional sports franchises at a variety of levels, allowing them the versatility to find their best options for employment by cultivating a skill set that transcends individual sports and focuses on the strategic choices that help franchises in every sport grow. It is not uncommon for the top-level executives in most teams’ management hierarchies to be made up of graduates of top-level sports management programs.

With the explosion of opportunity in this field in recent years, there are ample choices for students interested in pursuing degrees through these programs. Universities in many countries are currently competing for quality students as their programs continue to expand. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.