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10 Master Programs in Online Degrees Language Studies Russian studies 2024



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Master Programs in Online Degrees Language Studies Russian studies

Russian studies is a program undertaken in universities across the globe and seeks to impart knowledge to students on history, culture and social-economic concepts in the Russian past, present and future. The program was introduced in the universities during the cold war period. Russia being an active member through the cold war, the Russian studies program attracted lots of students across Europe and the rest of the globe.

A masters degree in Russian studies is an interdisciplinary program that cuts across linguistics and history. The Russian culture, music, arts, geography and language are the core classes in the program. The study of communism is also part of the Russian culture and therefore, students with a keen interest in philosophy and politics should be able to find the program of much interest to them.

Job opportunities are readily available for students of this program. Even better, the students’ work environment is not limited to Russia only; the former states affiliated to USSR form part of the possible places where the student can ply their trade once they are through with their studies.