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13 Master Programs in Education Teaching Religious Education 2024



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Master Programs in Education Teaching Religious Education

A master’s program could take any number of forms, but there are some common elements. In general, these programs last from one to four years, contain some measure of research or practical studies and are available only to advanced students.

For those who experience a calling to teach within the context of a religious discipline, dedication and faith alone are often not enough to support goals of a worthy career. Religious education is a complex process, requiring knowledge of both theology and pedagogy. What is a Master in Religious Education? Simply put, it is a course of study that seeks to impart an understanding of the educational principles and practices of a given religion. Common courses include leadership, interpretation of religious texts, theology and human development. Students typically also take classes specific to their religion, such as ministry for Christianity.

Graduates often gain a better understanding of their own faith by learning to communicate its principles to others. Additionally, the educational theories learned in these courses might help scholars teach other subjects of personal interest. Graduates also often leave these programs with a cohort of fellow teachers and siblings in faith.

These courses vary in cost based on religion, location and scholarship assistance. Candidates should inquire with the institution before planning their education.

As one might expect, education is the most common career pursued by graduates of religious teaching master's programs. In particular, religious institutions tend to view these degrees favorably when reviewing applicants, as faith is often a foundational aspect of these schools' curricula and cultures. For those with some teaching experience, a master’s degree might be the credential necessary to advance to an administrative position. Other applicants might pursue the ministry, preferring to use their educational skills to help communities of the faithful in a less academic setting.

Religious education master's programs are available from various faiths in multiple countries. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.