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4 Master Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Radio Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Radio Studies

A master’s degree is a globally-recognized academic designation that furthers the skills developed in a related bachelor’s program. Students admitted to master’s degree programs have typically already completed comprehensive higher education coursework across a wide array of disciplines, including, but not limited to, English, history, basic mathematics, humanities, philosophy, fine arts and social sciences.

Just what is a Master in Radio Studies? This rigorous course of study is generally completed in about two years, and involves thorough review and education in all aspects of contemporary radio production in both corporate and freelance environments. Students should expect to study radio and sound production and editing, microphone techniques, recording and web skills, program construction and planning, talent-casting, team-working and project management, among other related areas. Additional attention will be given to moral and ethical considerations as they relate to mass media.

Students who successfully earn a master’s degree in radio studies are equipped with the skills needed to work in a broad range of competitive global companies, and are often hired before and able to demand higher salaries than their less-educated counterparts.

The cost of obtaining a Master in Radio Studies varies significantly by both school and geographic region, so interested students are encouraged to contact each school of interest directly for specific and relevant tuition information.

Radio studies degree-holders are prepared for work in a broad assortment of multimedia capacities. Many immediately find work in radio production, programming, news, announcing and advertising sales, among other areas. While many students immediately seek work in the entertainment industry or in higher education upon graduation, others yet use the radio studies degree as a steppingstone toward obtaining an even higher advanced degree.

If a Master in Radio Studies sounds like the right course of study for you, explore the numerous educational opportunities available globally using our broad database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.