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22 Master Programs in Economic Studies MBAs Political Economy 2024



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Master Programs in Economic Studies MBAs Political Economy

The process by which collective choices are made is complex and unpredictable. When it becomes necessary to anticipate the actions of governments, private citizens and corporations, those with a Master in Political Economy offer valuable analysis and direction for key decision makers.

What is a Master in Political Economy? It is an advanced degree suitable for those with previous undergraduate work in political science, economics, history or business. Programs focus on the strategic reasoning of individuals and collections of people. Students thoroughly investigate the processes, motives and consequences of political choices. Topics of study include government regulations, elections, law and special interest groups. Students are also taught how political competition ultimately impacts society.

A Master in Political Economy further develops students’ critical thinking and communication abilities. They are taught the major theories of economics and political science congruently. They are able to relate the two separate disciplines to one another and draw meaningful conclusions. Students develop skill with the most current software and technology and are able to use it to collect and analyze sets of data.

The total cost for a master’s program depends on the institution. Students are encouraged to contact the admissions departments of universities under consideration for more specific details about fees and tuition. Most programs will require at least two years of full time study. Students should also take into account housing, course materials and transportation costs.

Graduates with a Master in Political Economy are qualified for employment in many government positions. Lobbying firms also value the abilities of these graduates, and many find work as advisors for political campaigns. Some work as researchers or analysts in companies that compete in heavily regulated industries. Consulting work is an option for those who prefer to remain independently employed. These programs also prepare students to pursue higher levels of education. Many eventually complete a doctoral program and go on to find employment in academics.

Students interested in one of these programs should begin researching their options right away. For international students or working professionals, many online universities offer coursework that fits within scheduling and geographic limitations. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.