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15 Master Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts Painting 2024



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Master Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts Painting

A masters program in painting prepares students for the professional market by helping them improve on their creativity and technicality regarding the expression of their emotions, inner visions and ideas. The students are able to express their ideas through the application of paints and other color substances on canvasses or other available materials. Some of the lessons in painting include: instructions on color mixing and color, watercolor media, surface preparations, painting techniques, personal style development and oil& acrylic media.

While taking a masters program in painting, one gains a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of painting. Students enrolled or wishing to enroll in the program are asked to approach program with an open mind, an inquisitive sense, and willingness to experiment across media and take creative risks while perfecting their art. The aim of the masters program is to help the student to achieve independence; this is possible through the understanding of the ever shifting balance between content, form, and the subject matter.

Classroom work, group critiques, field trips, and assigned reading are part of the program that students are expected to undergo. Students are also encouraged to think critically and to challenge the commonly held beliefs and use their creativity to advance new ideas to their communities. Current and past painting issues are discussed in the curriculum and a master in painting is expected to be able to integrate theory and practice while unifying their artistic vision with their professional goals.