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12 Master Programs in Food and Beverage Studies Beverage Studies Oenology 2024



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Master Programs in Food and Beverage Studies Beverage Studies Oenology

A master’s degree signals the completion of a graduate program in a particular field. These programs can range, on average, from two to four years and are available at universities in many different countries.

What is a Master in Oenology? This program focuses on the science of wine, and students develop advanced knowledge about specific aspects of growing grapes and making wine. Some topics students study include vine physiology, vine health, wine sensory science, and wine production. Graduates of this curriculum have a greater ability to identify and solve problems in the making of wine and the wine industry itself. Many of the programs include independent analysis and research in a specific area of the student’s choice.

Students who study the area of oenology build strong analytical skills, which are important not only in their career but also in other areas of their lives. Students also gain the ability to solve a multitude of problems and develop technical skills that are necessary to work in the industry.

The amount of money required to earn this degree varies from one country and school to another. Factors such as resident status, length of the curriculum, and location of the school can dramatically affect the total tuition.

There is a diverse range of opportunities career-wise for those who graduate with a master’s degree. They may choose to work on the technical side of the industry and produce different types of wine. They may also decide to use leadership skills to manage a winery or vineyard, or use their knowledge to be a wine consultant or marketer. Some typical job titles may include wine promoter, grower liaison officer, wine maker, vineyard manager, or winery engineer.

A degree in oenology can be obtained from a school close to you or even online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.