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19 Master Programs in Performing Arts Music Musicology 2024



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Master Programs in Performing Arts Music Musicology

Musicology is a science that studies music on a high academic level. It has many definitions that have different scopes: from the narrow understanding of Musicology as a study of music history of Western Culture to the broad scope of Musicology being a deep and comprehensive study of music, where the research is conducted on many levels. With a Master in Musicology, students are able to specialize in the area that is in their interests and talents.

Some of the disciplines that help in the comprehensive study of music are cultural studies and semiotics, ethnology and cultural anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, and even mathematics can assist in cutting to the core of music. Studying various aspects in a Master in Musicology program may land the student in traditional fields of musical theory, analysis, and composition of music. But the other possible outcome of applying various methods to the study of music can be interdisciplinary studies, including linguistics, literature, theater, visual arts, religion, as well as psychology, creating a wide range of career options for graduates of Master in Musicology programs.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to apply the knowledge that comes along with music, and the information about the Master in Musicology programs below will help you determine your specific preferences. Don't hesitate to click on the Master in Musicology program you like and contact the relevant person at the school by sending the "Request more information" form!