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39 Master Programs in Social Sciences Area studies Middle East Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Social Sciences Area studies Middle East Studies

A master’s degree is an advanced academic designation bestowed upon individuals who effectively complete a comprehensive course of study in a particular field or industry. Most master’s degree programs take roughly two years to complete, and typically build upon the knowledge gained in a related bachelor’s degree program.

Just what is a Master in Middle East Studies? This rigorous program generally takes two years to complete and involves a broad overview of topics of relevance to the Middle East. Students in such a program should expect to cover Middle Eastern history, Islamic and religious studies, Middle Eastern art and archaeology, and a variety of languages and notable works of literature written in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish. Additional attention will be given to ancient cultures such as Egyptology and Assyriology, as well as the economic considerations of interest to this area.

Successful graduates of a Master in Middle East Studies program are prepared for a broad variety of global positions. They are also typically hired before and able to command higher salaries than those without degrees, or those with lesser degrees.

The cost of obtaining a Master in Middle East Studies varies based on several key factors, among them the duration of the program, the region through which it is offered, and the prestige of the program itself and the school offering it.

Many graduates of Middle East master’s programs find work in higher education or as cultural liaisons or analysts, while others find employment in consulting, translation, foreign services, non-governmental organizations or in the private sector. Others yet use the degree as a means of obtaining a more advanced degree.

If a Master in Middle East studies sounds like the right course of action for you, access our extensive global directory of programs and use the lead form to find one that best suits your needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.