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Master Programs in Art Studies Illustration Medical Illustration

A master’s degree is an extended learning degree that gives students advanced skills in their field of choice. To enroll, you must have already earned a bachelor’s degree in the arts, sciences or education field from an accredited school.

What is a Master in Medical Illustration? This specialized program helps students develop both critical- and creative-thinking processes they need to accurately explain complicated medical concepts through illustrations. You will learn research techniques critical to this field and how to manage your time during project development, from concept to completion. Students also learn how to provide effective visual aids in support of advertisement projects or for instructional purposes.

Medical illustration students graduate with advanced research skills as well as communication and collaborative abilities that are sought-after talents in all career fields. They will be schooled in project management and, through necessity, learn time-management and problem-solving skills that may qualify them for leadership positions within an organization.

Costs for this program differ from school to school, depending in part on where the school is located. You are advised to directly contact admissions offices for information on tuition costs. Be sure to ask about scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid.

Graduates of this program are often qualified to work as content developers and illustrators for a variety of medical or pharmaceutical companies and many associated fields ranging from psychology to physical therapy to veterinary medicine. They may also find careers in digital or traditional publishing, including news as well as books. Or, they may assume leadership positions as creative directors or consultants in the biocommunications field.

Online education offers you more flexibility in pursuing a degree, and you can find a number of schools offering a Master in Medical Illustration program. To find a school, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.